Object Desktop Review: an Application Pack to Customize Windows

Despite all the functions and features that Microsoft puts in our hands for Windows, users ask for more, at least some of them. This is something that refers to both the appearance and functionality of the operating system, so third-party solutions are sometimes greatly appreciated.

For example, when it comes to personalization of the operating system, the entry company offers us a growing number of options. All this really allows us to adapt the operation of Windows to our needs. How could it be otherwise, this greatly helps to gain in productivity and user experience.


What Object Desktop offers us to customize Windows

It is for all the comments that in these same lines we are going to talk about a pack focused on these tasks that we tell you. This is Object Desktop , a powerful set of functions that are responsible for improving the desktop of our Windows computer. In this way we managed to optimize their behavior and improve the day-to-day experience with the operating system.

This is largely achieved thanks to the different sections that we can use and that refer to multiple aspects of the operating system . For all this, the program itself offers us a series of integrated functions and applications to change and improve Redmond’s software.

Features included to customize the operating system

To begin with, in regards to the management of the applications that we have installed in the equipment, this program allows us to execute them through tabs. In this way we achieve faster access to them, in addition to organizing desktop icons to gain effectiveness. We will also have new custom icons and animations to give a more personal touch to this section.

Agrupar programas Object Desktop

With regard to internal control, this is an application that allows us to visualize the use of the disk and control various components of the PC through the keyboard. In addition, for the nostalgic, with Object Desktop we can use a classic Start menu or customize the appearance of the windows.

Menú Inicio Agrupar programas Object Desktop

Applications that improve the operation of Windows 10

At the same time, this is a program that houses a series of smaller applications that allow us to customize and adapt certain Windows functions. In this way we find several sound packages for the PC that we can edit at any time.

We use these for the basic and usual sounds we use in the daily experience with the software. In a similar way we can customize the desktop wallpaper with animations, images or videos, already with H264 support

Fodos animados Object

At the same time Object Desktop offers us its own application that allows us to control up to two PCs with a single keyboard and a single mouse. So we can change the focus without problems between them, in addition to copying and pasting files , folders or images between computers, among many other tasks.

Compartir PCs ratón Agrupar programas Object Desktop

And finally we will talk about the integrated application called SpaceMonger that also allows us to save disk space. This is because it helps us free up space locally on the computer itself, as well as on the local network or in our spaces in the cloud.

How to download Object Desktop

As we can see, here we are going to find a powerful solution for Windows that helps us to customize the appearance of the system, as well as its operation in some sections. Therefore, if you are interested in it, we will tell you how you can do with the final version of the program . This is something you can do from the website of its developer, that is, from this link .

Of course, we must bear in mind that in this case it is a commercial application that costs 34.99 euros .