MyTuner Radio Review, One of the Best Apps to Listen to the Radio on iOS

The classic bulky transistors or radio devices are very good, but if you are looking for a compact and comfortable device to listen to the radio, you should know that your iPhone is possibly one of the best options. There are many applications in the iOS App Store that allow you this and we are going to focus today on myTuner Radio. This is, in our opinion, one of the best apps to listen to the radio on the iPhone.


How does myTuner Radio work?

First of all, it should be noted that myTuner radio is capable of agglutinating 30,000 radio stations from 80 countries in a single application. All this for free , so we are already first with a highly recommended app that can be used for almost any part of the world.

Just start the application for the first time, it suggests some radio stations according to our location. That is, if you are in Spain you will find recommendations of the most popular radios such as Cadena SER, Cope, 40 Principales or Europa FM. However, you can do a search for the stations that interest you and even listen to those of other countries, even if you are not physically in them.

myTuner Radio

It also indicates a part in which you can customize the content by choosing the topics you like to listen to on the radio: music, news, sports, programs. In addition to being able to choose specific programs and select them as favorites. And another thing, which is not necessary but interesting, is the possibility of registering with the Sign in with Apple. This is a secure login system for the apple company in which your privacy prevails.

Very intuitive interface with many possibilities

Highlights the different sections to find radio stations, finding the following:

myTuner Radio

  • Most popular: The most listened to radio stations in your country or region.
  • Search by genre: Broadcasters grouped by musical genre and decade.
  • Search by city: All stations in your region, classified by city.
  • Search by country: The different stations in each of the 80 countries. Within these you will also find the previous search categories.
  • Search near Me: If you have activated the location on your iPhone, you can find the stations in your area.
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