NVIDIA Optimus: Technology that Improves the Autonomy of Your Laptop

Surely, many times you have been in a store and have seen exposed laptops that have a sticker boasting that they have NVIDIA Optimus technology, and you may have even heard or read that this technology saves battery power in the laptop to increase its autonomy. In this article, we are going to explain exactly what NVIDIA Optimus technology is and how it works to achieve that goal.

The battery autonomy of laptop computers is one of the crucial points when choosing them, since its fundamental function is to be able to carry it and use it anywhere we want, so the greater its autonomy, the better . Of course, this not only depends on the capacity of the battery, but also on the efficiency of its hardware, but even technologies have to do to improve the efficiency it has.

NVIDIA Optimus

And one of these technologies is precisely NVIDIA Optimus.

What is NVIDIA Optimus Technology?

NVIDIA defines it this way: “This technology intelligently optimizes your notebook and delivers the impressive graphics performance you need, when you need it. All while extending battery life to take advantage of your entertainment for longer.”

Obviously, this does not tell us or explain anything. They define it as a technology to save battery and that’s it, but how does it work?

NVIDIA Optimus logo

The essence of this technology is that through software (called IGP, or Integrated Display Controller ) it is able to detect when we are running a 3D application that requires greater graphics power and when it is not. What it does is take advantage of the fact that a laptop has integrated and dedicated graphics at the same time to activate and deactivate one or the other as needed.

In this way, when we run a 3D program that requires graphical power, the software will activate the dedicated graph , which has a higher consumption, but when it is not, it will deactivate it and use the integrated one, which has a much lower consumption and which, for Therefore, it helps to save battery. Because why have dedicated graphics activated that consumes much more when it is not needed?

NVIDIA Optimus esquema

It is worth mentioning that to enjoy NVIDIA Optimus technology it is necessary that the laptop is equipped with a graphics integrated in the processor as well as a dedicated graphics, being compatible with GeForce GTX 850M and higher graphics (including the new GTX 1660 Ti). The operating system also needs to be Windows 7 or higher .

What benefits does this technology provide?

NVIDIA Optimus works fully automatically , so it does not require any user interaction, which is the first benefit since the change between the iGPU and the dedicated graphics is done automatically and, therefore, we will always be saving battery when not we are running applications that demand graphic power. In addition, this process is done in the background and without interfering in any way with what the user is doing.

In fact and in case it is something that worries you, if you are for example playing -and therefore using the dedicated graphics- and you have little battery left, Optimus will not use the iGPU , something that would greatly reduce the performance of the game, in to save battery. In this case, we would continue using the dedicated graphics to have the best performance until the battery runs out, maintaining the philosophy of not interfering with what the user is doing.