Newskill Eros: gaming chair that would not be out of place in an office

Now that the heat of summer arrives is when those of us who have a PC chair made of synthetic leather regret it, and we miss not having chosen a fabric or mesh chair. Today Newskill presents Eros , its new gaming chair with which it intends to make a difference by having a mesh backrest and a simple and elegant design that will make it not “sing” even in an office. We tell you everything about her below.

The new Newskill Eros chair represents a perfect combination for those users who want the comfort that most gaming chairs boast, but with a more demure and simple design, that does not stand out so much aesthetically but is elegant to be used even in a office without clashing.

Newskill Eros

Newskill Eros, the perfect gaming chair for the summer?

According to the manufacturer, the Newskill Eros is not only a chair that draws attention to the eye for its elegant design, but also uses a combination of materials in its manufacture that make it durable and comfortable, especially thanks to the foam padding and its fabric finishes. It has a mesh backrest (mesh), which in combination with the fabric upholstery provides excellent breathability, making it, of course, an ideal chair for summer.

The chair has good ergonomics, perfect for adapting to the shape of the user’s back and helping them maintain a correct posture, something very appreciated if you are one of those who have to spend 8 hours or more in front of the PC every day. The chair admits recline, although as you can see in the video this is a bit limited since its armrests, although they have hinges for this recline, are fixed. This also means that the armrests cannot be adjusted in height, swivel or position.

Leaving that aside, what the Newskill Eros does admit is modifying its height, with a simple lever located under the seat, just like the vast majority of chairs on the market. Of course, you have to take into account that in this case it does not have cervical or lumbar cushions, although it is true that the cervical area is quite padded so that it is not necessary to include a cushion for that area.

Price and availability

This chair with this curious design, unusual in the gaming ecosystem, is available with structure and details in black combined with five colors: gray, blue, purple, red and white, allowing the user to choose the color combination that best suits them. suit the room where you are going to use it. The mesh backrest, the star-shaped base and the structure that supports everything have a fixed aesthetic, yes.

Newskill Eros colores

This new gaming chair is now available for purchase in the Newskill online store at a price of €139.95 , and very soon we will also be able to buy it in the rest of the points of sale that usually sell products of this brand.