News iOS 16 and compatible iPhones

There are many and varied novelties that the Cupertino company has introduced in iOS 16, being a version that, as you can see below, gives a touch of fresh air to all the iPhone models that are compatible. If you want to know all the new functions it has, keep reading and we will tell you about them in detail.

Compatible iPhone models

News iOS 16 and compatible iPhones

Before talking about the new features in iOS 16, we believe that it is vitally important that all users who have an iPhone on a daily basis can check whether or not their device is compatible with this new version. Unfortunately, with this update Apple has left out several models that, on the contrary, were compatible with iOS 15. But hey, let’s go to what concerns us, here is the list of iPhones compatible with iOS 16 .

  • iPhone SE 2nd generation
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XSMax
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11Pro
  • iPhone 11 ProMax
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 ProMax
  • iPhone SE 3rd generation
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 ProMax

The lock screen, the great novelty

Undoubtedly, the great novelty that iOS 16 has brought is the new iPhone lock screen, mainly because on an aesthetic level , of appearance, it gives the device a completely new and fresh touch, something that users surely demanded. This aesthetic novelty is not only caused by the customization options that we will now talk about, but also by everything new that Apple has introduced in this new version at a functional level .

customization options

It is clear that Apple has never been characterized as a company that allows its users to have many customization options, in fact quite the opposite, something that has also had a tremendous effect so that many users opt for the products of the Cupertino company. However, this trend has been changing over the years , and of course it has nothing to do with the options that users had to customize their iPhone in the first version of iOS, with those they have now.

Nuevas tipografías pantalla bloqueo

Anyway, let’s focus on what’s new in iOS 16, and that is that now all users who have updated their iPhone to this new version will have the opportunity to modify both the font and the color of the letters and numbers that show date and time on the home screen. As for typography, there are up to 8 options that Apple puts on the table. On the other hand, in the available colors there is a much greater range to be able to adapt it completely to the taste of each user.

Not only can you customize the font and color of the letters and numbers displayed on the home screen, but there are also a wide variety of options when choosing the wallpaper . When you go to create your home screen, the Cupertino company gives you numerous options, as well as several examples that you can adopt for your home screen. The options available to you are as follows.

  • Photos . You can choose any image from your photo library and set it as your wallpaper.
  • People . The system itself is responsible for filtering the photos you have on your reel in which different people appear in the foreground so that you can put them as wallpaper.
  • Random photos . You can choose whether it is the system itself or yourself who chooses the photos you want to take turns as wallpaper, you can even customize the frequency with which they are changed.
  • Emoji . Apple allows you to choose from 1 to 6 emojis with which you can form various combinations and set them as wallpaper.
  • Time . The wallpaper will vary depending on the weather in the location where you are.
  • astronomy . You have up to 5 options of different astronomical wallpapers.
  • colour . Set a plain wallpaper with any color scheme you like.

Fondo pantalla tierra

Widgets on the lock screen

As we mentioned, the customization of both the font, color and wallpaper are not the only elements that Apple has introduced on this lock screen, another point of difference that iOS 16 presents compared to previous versions is the inclusion of widgets . From now on, each user will be able to choose up to 3 different widgets that will be placed just below the time , both to give it a different aesthetic touch and, and more importantly, to have the useful information that these elements provide within reach.


From the outset, only the native applications of the Cupertino company itself have access to insert widgets of this type, however, with the passage of time and the different versions of iOS 16, all the applications that they want will also be able to provide users with different widgets that you can use on this new lock screen.

More news

This does not end here, and apart from the customizable elements and widgets that are presented on this lock screen, there are more elements that are new in iOS 16. First of all, we want to talk about notifications , since Apple has modified the place they occupy on this screen. Until now, to access them you had to go to the top of the screen, while with iOS 16 their place goes to the bottom, being much more accessible for those users who have a large iPhone and want to use it. sometimes with one hand.

reproductor iOS 16 The music and podcast player has also changed considerably, giving the entire lock screen a very attractive aesthetic touch. It goes from being a small element located at the bottom of the screen to occupying it almost completely, causing the background to also vary with the colors of the cover of the song or the album to which it belongs.

Finally, we must also mention the launch of ” live activities “, helping users to be aware of different events from the lock screen of the iPhone, with up-to-the-minute updates on the status of an order, a match football match or the arrival of the Uber you ordered 5 minutes ago.

Changes in native applications

Naturally, Apple has not only based all its efforts on the inclusion of the new features that we have told you about in the new lock screen, but it has also been able to introduce improvements in a large part of the native applications that are present inside of iOS 16, and that is exactly what we want to talk to you about next.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

One of the most interesting novelties, especially for all those users who use what is known as the Apple Family, is the iCloud shared photo library. Often, whenever a trip is made, or simply a different or special event happens, later they try to share those photographs and videos that have been taken during that moment. Fortunately, Apple already has a way to share content quickly, easily and effectively, such as AirDrop , however, the concept of sharing photos and videos has evolved by creating the shared iCloud photo library.

This consists in that the members of a family will now be able to share photos and videos that they have in their reel with the rest of the members with little effort , since you will not have to send absolutely anything to anyone, you will only have to activate this functionality and within the photo library itself, choose the images you want to share. In addition, one of the enormous advantages provided by this solution is that the file that is shared with the rest of the family members is the original file, not a copy of it, so that if anyone makes a modification to said photography or video, will affect the rest.


Without a doubt, one of the native applications that most needed a renovation is the Messages app. Despite the fact that in Europe the use of iMessage to communicate between Apple users is not so common, in the United States it is one of the most used services, and the reality is that in terms of functions it is still far from other alternatives such as Telegram or WhatsApp.

The Cupertino company is fully aware of the limitations of its application, which is why with iOS 16 it has incorporated new features that, of course, make it much more competitive and bring it closer to the best. Functions such as the possibility of deleting messages once they have been sent , editing them once they have been sent, or even marking them as unread in order to do it more carefully a while later. You will also be able to recover recently deleted messages and even SharePlay will also be available through this application.


Obviously, the novelties of Safari are enjoyed much more on devices such as the iPad or the Mac, but for that reason they are still important within iOS, since on many occasions users use this application to carry out the relevant searches on the Internet. There are mainly two functionalities that Apple has introduced within its browser, the first of which is the shared tab groups . With the previous generation of operating systems, the Cupertino company launched the tab groups, well, now you will be able to share these groups with friends, family or co-workers to be able to carry out certain tasks together in a simple way. much more effective.

The second big news has to do with the privacy and security of all users who use Apple’s browser. The company wants you to say goodbye to passwords, and for this reason it has created “access keys” , unique digital keys that are very easy to use and that, of course, provide more security to all users since they can filter. These use Touch ID or Face ID for biometric verification, so iCloud Keychain syncs them to your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV with end-to-end encryption.


If before we said that the Messages app needed the incorporation of certain functions that would bring it closer to what other competing alternatives offer, something very similar happens with Apple’s Mail app. Users who use this app miss functions that are already considered practically basic since the competing apps have been offering them for a long time.

Icono Mail

For this reason, Apple in iOS 16 has introduced many of those functions that users requested, making the Mail app much more complete and functional. Message scheduling is here to stay, and the fact is that the peace of mind and being able to schedule the sending of an email at the exact time is a joy, in the same way that you can also cancel the sending of an email after a few minutes of having pressed the submit button . Even the app itself will be able to detect if the user has been able to forget to include an important element of the email. Another of the built-in functions is to remind you later, so that you can make an email that has arrived at a certain time arrive again at the time you choose .


One of the native Apple apps most used by users is Maps, and that is nothing more than the consequence of the enormous improvements that the company has introduced in recent years, doing something that seemed almost impossible and that was to catch up with the giant Google Maps, which until recently was practically the priority option of anyone who wanted to use a map app.

mapas en iOS 16

Well, Apple is not satisfied with this and in iOS 16 it continues to introduce different improvements to make the user experience even more satisfactory. Within it you will now be able to make routes with different stops , allowing you to plan all the trips you want to make much better. You will also be able to count on public transport updates and at all times you will be able to control the price that your entire trip will entail.


In the event that we have to stay with the renewal of an app at a visual level, in that case we should opt for the Casa app, since its interface has fortunately been completely redesigned . We say that fortunately, because Casa has never been a really intuitive application and that, at first glance, it could easily understand and handle , on the contrary. However, with the news that the Cupertino company has introduced, in iOS 16 it is completely different, being much more organized.

Casa en iOS 16

Really, at a functional level, the app does not implement any new features, but it has made browsing, organizing and seeing all the accessories, as well as where they are located, much simpler, more intuitive and more comfortable than before. Plus, with iOS 16 and the Matter home automation connectivity standard, many more accessories will be HomeKit-enabled starting this fall.


This application is not really that it has been renewed, it is that it is one of the novelties and we will tell you the reason for it. Indeed, all users who, in addition to having an iPhone, also have an Apple Watch do enjoy this application, however, until now in order to have the Fitness app you had to have an Apple Watch .

Aplicación fitness

Well, this changes with iOS 16, since Fitness can now be used regardless of whether or not you have an Apple Watch synchronized with the iPhone. In addition, the rings will also begin to be used without the need for the Apple watch, since the app will use the different iPhone sensors to be able to measure all the parameters and close the activity rings in this way.


The last native app that we want to talk to you about is Health, which, as with the previously mentioned ones, also has very interesting changes for all users. Within it, a new section is released that, without a doubt, will be really useful for all those who have to take any type of treatment daily.

This is called “Medication” , and allows you to prepare and manage a list of medications in a really comfortable way. It also allows you to create calendars, set reminders and, after all, keep track of the medications, vitamins or supplements that a person takes throughout the day. In addition, all users have the opportunity to share the data with their loved ones and create a PDF document with the medical reports available from the connected health centers in a very simple way.

Other interesting news

We have already told you about the great novelty of iOS 16, which are the new lock screens, we have also told you all the novelties that Apple has introduced in its native applications and that, in many of them, they once again position them as one of the best apps to use with your Apple devices. However, the new features of iOS 16 obviously do not end here, so we continue to tell you about others that will surely also be really useful if you finally decide to update your iPhone to iOS 16.

More complete concentration modes

Concentration modes were one of the great novelties of iOS 15, allowing users to adapt both the screen or screens of their iPhone and the management of notifications to the activity they were carrying out. Well, the Cupertino company continues to evolve this functionality and has introduced two main novelties.

The first one is that now, with the new lock screens, users can assign a specific screen to a concentration mode . In the same way that you can create different main screens and make them only visible when you activate this state, now you can also do the same with the lock screens, being one more way to further personalize the use of the iPhone.

configuracion modos de concentracion

The second novelty, which can also be really useful, is the possibility of establishing filters within the concentration modes , so that applications such as Calendar, Mail, Messages or Safari itself can only show the content that is appropriate for a mode of concentration. concrete concentration, making it much easier for users to concentrate to carry out a certain task or action.

News in Portfolio

Wallet is one of the points where more new features have been introduced as of iOS 16. The first and surely the most striking of all is Apple Pay Later , which offers users, for the time being, in the United States, a simple and secure way to being able to divide the payment of a purchase into different monthly installments through Apple Pay , that is, Apple itself will be in charge of financing your purchases, as if it were a bank. Payments will have to be made 4 times divided into the following 6 weeks after the purchase, without interest and without any type of commission for it. The Apple Pay order tracking function is also added, that is, from now on, with iOS 16, whenever you make a purchase and use Apple Pay to pay, you will be able to have all the information about said order in this application.

apple pay apple card

Changing the third a bit, we must also mention the greater compatibility that has been implemented with keys and identity documents , since now users will be able to carry their main identification documents inside their iPhone to use them whenever necessary. Obviously, Apple in this sense ensures their privacy and security.


Apple has always been and is a company that cares a lot about people who need accessibility controls, and further proof of this are the improvements in dictation present in iOS 16, offering a much more comfortable and useful experience for all users who want or they need to use that way of writing in the different applications.

The improvement is that now you can use the device keyboard as well as dictation at the same time , since until now you had to stop using the dictation option to be able to use the keyboard. Thus, when using dictation, both writing methods can be alternated, being much easier and more comfortable for users accustomed to using it.

New generation of CarPlay

Users who are lucky enough to have Apple CarPlay in their vehicles are in luck, since together with iOS 16, not on the day of its launch, but in subsequent updates, the new generation of CarPlay will arrive . This caught the attention of all of us who saw the WWDC last June, since it represents a tremendous advance when it comes to being able to control the car through that Apple system.

Starting with this new generation, CarPlay will be fully integrated with all the vehicle’s hardware , offering content for various screens within it so that everything works in a coordinated and unified manner. This integration will also allow all users to control the radio, change the climate control, check the levels of oil, fuel, temperature of the car and even the speed at which it is driving. Without a doubt, it is surely the biggest CarPlay update that, unfortunately, will arrive during the year 2023, although we are convinced that it will be worth it for all those who can enjoy it in their cars.