The New Windows 10 File Explorer Will Arrive with 21H2

Microsoft does not rest (except for Christmas) when it comes to continuing with the continuous development of its star operating system: Windows 10. Little by little, users are receiving 20H2, the second update of this year that has focused on correcting errors and improve the overall performance of the system. In addition, Microsoft already has 21H1 almost ready, the first update next year, and will soon fully begin development of 21H2, the second system update that, it seems, will turn the tables and will be the big update. So big that it will even bring the long-awaited file explorer revamp .

Although Windows 10 has changed many aesthetic elements of the operating system, there is something that we have almost since its launch that receives a facelift: the file explorer. It is sad to see how the file browsers of other systems, such as macOS, and especially Linux, are far superior to Microsoft’s: they have a modern look and very useful functions such as, for example, the support for tabs. However, the file explorer in Windows 10 is identical to that of Windows 7, even similar to that of Windows XP.

New Windows 10 File Explorer

It looks like 2021 is going to be a year of many changes for Microsoft’s operating system. Next year Windows 10X, the tablet version of the system, will be released, and with it will come a large number of changes. And we will see some of those changes in the desktop version of Windows 10.

Finally: the new file explorer comes to Windows 10

Currently, the Insider version of Windows 10 is in a FE_RELEASE phase. This means that Microsoft is using this channel to carry out all kinds of experiments; some may make it to the final version of Windows, and others disappear without a trace (remember Sets?).

Although it is still only being tested internally, screenshots of the new file explorer have been seen that could arrive in Windows 10 next year.

The new file explorer, which we can see in the previous video, brings us a totally renewed experience that we are used to until now. It is true that it has many similarities with the current explorer, but the face lift is more than remarkable. In the left column (which, by the way, is ready to receive Fluent Design) we can see the different folders and main directories of the system, as well as mount points for the cloud.

In the central part, the icons are much larger and you can work with the browser much better. It is true that we may miss some functions, such as tabs, but everything will come. So far, it doesn’t look bad.

Windows 10 in 2021: what we know

At the moment, there is nothing officially related to the news that Windows will release in 2021. What is known, especially what revolves around 21H2 , is thanks to leaks. In addition to the new file explorer, this new version of Windows will bring improvements in the context menu of the system (by right-clicking) and, in addition, it will completely renew most of the programs that come pre-installed in Windows.

A major wave of changes to Windows 10. We will see if they are for better or for worse.