New Warzone Map Leaked On Video: Old Verdansk In The 80s?

We finally have with us the first images of what will be the next Warzone map . As we have been waiting for many weeks, in Warzone we are going to have to receive a new map with which we can finally leave the map of Verdansk in oblivion, but the question until now was: what will the new map look like? Well be careful that it might not be too different.

A travel in the time

New Warzone Map Leaked On Video

Warzone mapa explosivo

It seems that the suspicions we had about the trip to the Ural Mountains in the next Warzone map are not going to be entirely accurate. They are not because thanks to an advertisement published by mistake on Twitter, we now know that the map of Verdansk will move in time to live in our own flesh the same old city in a completely different era.

This is how we can intuit it after watching the few seconds of video that have been seen in this erroneous publication, where the football stadium goes on to show a more modest stadium with small stands and where the dam becomes a rather picturesque stone aqueduct.

Warzone Temporada 2

These flashbacks invite us to think about the transfer to an earlier time, possibly in the 80s, following the timeline that is lived in the Cold War campaign. Also, this would put an end to any kind of rumor that the Golova, Alpine, Ruka and Sanatorium maps will come together to bring the future Warzone map to life, so everything indicates that the new Warzone will be very familiar.

First glimpse at 80’s Verdansk from CODWarzone

The new zones

Actually, more than new areas, we would be talking about reconstructed areas (or rather, pre-built), since it is important to emphasize that it would be the same old Verdansk, only back in time. Some of the areas that have been seen in the video are the following:

  • Oldest airport.
  • Stadium under construction.
  • The dam disappears and in its place is a stone aqueduct.
  • It seems that there will be a mine.
  • Duga’s large radar antenna will also be present.

Activision is taking down all posts

Warzone Cold War

The leak has been of such magnitude that Activision is working flat out to delete each and every one of the tweets that are publishing the images of the leaked video. It is true that the clip is only a few seconds long, however, the references to the past are quite clear if you pay a minimum of attention.

For this reason, the company is denouncing each and every one of the publications that are appearing on Twitter, and for now the only publication that is resisting is a Reddit thread that shows the entire video with very poor quality.

When can we see this new map?

You only have to make a simple account to intuit that the new map could see the light on April 22. Season 3 will begin on that date, so technically it should be the day chosen to jump into the new experience. Is it so?