The new smart GPS for pets from Vodafone

Vodafone has created a new experience for its customers with the launch of the Curve Pet Tracker Clip, the pet accessory that easily attaches to the Curve smart GPS tracker and allows it to be conveniently and securely attached to the collar or harness of pets.

A clip that allows you to safely and comfortably adjust Curve to pet collars so, from the Vodafone Smart App, you can know your location at all times, create personalized alerts or save your favorite walks. Curve Pet Tracker Clip is available to customers of any operator and can be purchased from Vodafone stores and digital channels today.

new smart GPS for pets from Vodafone

With the launch of Curve Pet Tracker Clip , new features specific to pets are added to Curve. Users will be able to be in permanent contact with their pet, receive personalized alerts and save details of their favorite walks. Designed to follow the most adventurous pets, the device is durable, compact and waterproof with up to 7 days of battery life. The clip also includes different sizes to fit the strap. Current Curve users can also add these specific features pet to your current experience without additional cost.

nuevo gps de vodafone para mascotas

Curve Pet Tracker Clip Features

The main feature of Curve is that it combines 4 location technologies (GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity) to allow pets to be located, even when they are far away. With the Vodafone Smart App , Curve users will enjoy two new pet-specific features: Pet Walks, which records the last walks and their distances, and Pet Profiles, which stores important information about the pet such as its breed or characteristics.

The clip and pet-specific functionalities are the latest addition to Curve, Vodafone’s smart GPS locator, which has received five awards for its design and functionality since its launch in 2020.

Blanca Echániz , Director of Products and Services at Vodafone Spain, commented: “We have seen how the number of pet owners has grown a lot in recent months, with a figure close to 85 million homes in Europe with a pet. We believed it was the perfect time to enhance the experience for pets at Curve. ”

Price and availability

If you want to have your pet located at all times, Curve Pet Tracker Clip is available from today in Vodafone stores and in the My Vodafone App for € 9.90. In addition, Curve + Curve Pet Tracker Clip accessory is now available in the Vodafone eshop at a promoted price of € 30 (+ € 2 / month Curve monthly subscription).