New Oculus Quest 2: filter videos by Facebook

In a couple of days Facebook will hold an event focused on its virtual reality platform, Oculus, and it will be there where we finally see the second generation of what so far seems to us the best virtual reality viewer on the market: Oculus Quest . There is nothing official for now, however, a series of videos published by mistake have confirmed the inevitable.

This is the Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2

A mistake has led to the publication of two videos on Facebook’s Blueprint platform . The images showed neither more nor less than two promotional videos of the new virtual reality glasses that the manufacturer will present on September 16 , and that, as you can see, show all kinds of details of the future viewer.

Oculus Quest 2

Aesthetically we can see a viewer very similar to the current version, however, it will offer very important changes inside, thus allowing to improve the virtual experience even more. Thus, for example, we will find new screens that will have 50% more resolution, something that will practically give 2K images to each eye .

Greater comfort

Oculus Quest 2

Something that is specified in the videos is that the controllers have been slightly modified to be more comfortable, and although we did not see big changes in the images, the buttons and the grip may have undergone some changes to be more ergonomic. In any case, we can also forget the controls and interact with the hands in the applications that allow it, something that could already be tested in the current Oculus Quest and that would now arrive as a perfectly implemented function.

But comfort goes beyond what you can touch, and it is also related to sight. In that case the refresh rate could improve, going from the current 75 Hz to 90 Hz and even 120 Hz. Unfortunately this data has not been confirmed, so we could have changes or continue with the 75 Hz from before. We will see what happens in this regard.

More power to impress

Oculus Quest 2

With the idea of ​​running more and more complete games and applications, the viewer will have for the first time a Snapdragon XR2 processor , which is basically a platform specially designed for use in virtual and augmented reality environments, so we could see great benefits in this aspect. In addition, the computer has 6 GB of RAM (before 4 GB) and there will be a 256 GB version so that we can install games without stopping, although it will be necessary to see if the basic version stays at 64 GB or goes up to 128 GB .

You will always have the PC

Oculus Quest 2

Obviously, thanks to the Oculus Link cable, we can continue connecting the viewer to a PC to enjoy more complex and demanding experiences, such as playing Half-Life: Alyx with the Oculus Quest .

How much will these Oculus Quest 2 cost?

Oculus Quest 2

To solve the big question we will have to keep waiting for the celebration of the event, since for now nothing is known about it. At least, we can already say that there will be a second generation, something that was still very much in doubt, but that finally seems to be clarified. The changes seem to be very important at the operational level, but not very painful for those who already have virtual reality glasses, so it will be a launch that will seek to increase the community around virtual reality.