Contacting Facebook: Customer Support and Troubleshooting

If you have ever had a problem with Facebook, you may have realized that it is not easy to contact this company to find a solution. For that reason, and to make things easier for you, today we explain how you can contact Facebook and we will show you the solutions to the main problems that you can find in this social network.

Contact Facebook from its website

Contacting Facebook: Customer Support and Troubleshooting

As we mentioned, trying to locate an email, a direct chat or a phone number to contact this company to solve a problem, is a practically impossible task. Unless, yes, you are a company that uses Facebook. In such case, you have a direct access path through their website.

In the case of ordinary users, the solution that Facebook proposes to us to solve errors, doubts or problems goes through its help website . This consists of the typical system of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or frequently asked questions where, as its name suggests, they provide solutions through “tutorials” or simple explanations to all those common problems that users usually have.

The fact that Facebook does not have a direct contact channel for the entire public is “understandable” since, according to the Digital 2020 Global Digital Overview study, this company has a total of 2.449 million active users each month . Imagine if this company had to solve a daily question from each of these users. It would be something unworkable.

On this website you will find solutions to problems of all kinds : login, hacks, abuses, notifications, password and a huge etcetera. You just have to look at the correct scope your problem belongs to and inquire in the “Popular Topics” section. Although you also have the possibility of placing your question in the search engine of this website and, in a “smart” way, it will show you the result that is closest to your query.

Main problems on Facebook and how to fix them

Now that you know the web that you must access every time you have a problem with the platform, let’s see what are the main ones or, rather, the most common inconveniences that you can suffer and how to solve them.

Login and profile issues

It is quite common that you encounter difficulties when logging into your account. The most common are:

  • Report a problem with login : This is a form in which you can detail any general problems you encounter when logging in with your account. Describe the problem in detail so that the person in charge of solving it has all the necessary information. If possible, we recommend that you add a screenshot that clearly represents the problem you are having.
  • Account recovery : process that you must follow to recover your account in case you do not remember the password or email to start up.
  • Account disabled : your account may have been disabled by mistake after several failed login attempts, due to improper use, or someone else has logged into your account and as a “grace” has intentionally disabled it. This is the form that you must fill out in any of these situations.
  • Hacked account : if you believe or know for sure that your user account has been hacked by another user, follow this process.
  • How to protect your Facebook account : even though it is not a problem as such, this section answers general questions about the steps to follow to protect your profile from possible threats.

General usage problems

General errors when using the platform:

Failures regarding Facebook pages

These are the main bugs that you can find regarding the “fan pages” in this social network:

These are the main problems that you can find on Facebook and their possible solutions . Remember that it is not possible to contact them directly but that, if you need it, we will have their FAQ website available with all the general doubts raised by users. And, in the case of not finding a solution here , we can access the section of contacting other users to raise our doubts and solve them together. You will find this section at the end of the frequently asked questions website.