New Menu in Google Chrome to Share Content, URLs and More

Edge, Vivaldi, and even Firefox are browsers that are constantly evolving, changing, and reinventing themselves. However, Google Chrome , despite being the most used browser of all, by far, is the slowest to implement new functions and features. Google is committed, above all, to the usability, stability and simplicity of its browser. However, sometimes we can find new features, or new panels, with which the giant seeks to make our lives easier. Like this new panel that we just discovered.

The search bar of this browser, the omnibar, is one of the best features of the browser. It works for everything. We can use it to visit web pages, to search on any engine, to access history, recommended sites, browser settings, etc.

New Menu in Google Chrome to Share Content

Google wants your browser to be as simple and intuitive as possible. And, to do this, it tries to unify functions that may be similar in different menus. In this way, it avoids users having to use contextual menus and eliminates redundant elements within the different sections of the interface.

And so is the new “+” menu that, very soon, we will all have in our browser.

Easier sharing menu from Google Chrome

The new “+” menu for Google Chrome appears to the right of the address bar with a ” + ” sign. We still don’t know exactly what this new menu is going to be called officially, although since it is designed to group the sharing options together, we will call it “Share Menu “.

Nuevo menú compartir Chrome

By clicking on this button, what we will find (for now) are 4 options:

  • Copy link: allows us to directly copy the URL of the tab that we have open to the clipboard of the operating system.
  • QR code : allows us to create a QR code with the page we have open, which, when scanned, will return the URL of the web and allow us to open it in the browser.
  • Save page how : a function that will allow us to save the web page on the computer in HTML format.
  • Cast : it will allow us to send the browser tab that we have open to devices such as Chromecast to view them on a remote screen.

Google may take advantage of this menu and add other functions also related to page sharing, such as, for example, to send the open web to our devices. Even Google could allow some extensions to add items to this menu. But, for now, we will have to wait to find out what options will appear in this menu.

How to test the new share menu

At the moment, this function is in the experimental phase . And, furthermore, at a very early stage. The development is so green that, if you look at it, the copy link and save page functions use the same icon, a generic icon.

This feature will be coming to Google Chrome Canary users very soon, although we don’t know exactly when it will be for now. Right now, only a very limited group of users can have this feature in the Canary version.