New Hauwei Apps to Replace Google Search and Google Maps

The presentation of the Huawei Mate 40 Pro seems to have been somewhat decaffeinated after learning that this year the mobile arrives alone, without a Mate 40 model, to our country. However, the firm has revealed many news that seem to have remained in the background but that are of special interest to those who have in their possession a Huawei mobile without Google services.

The brand is well aware that not being able to count on Google services due to the war between the US government and China is a great drag on the sales of its phones. For this reason, the brand is not ceasing to invest money, time and effort in improving its HMS, Huawei Mobile Services, as an alternative to everything that Google offers in other manufacturers.


For this reason, the firm is in full direct contact with developers to bring their apps to the App Gallery and, not only that, but to be aware of all the apps and games that have not yet reached the market. The company has work teams in each region of the globe so that each store adapts to the national market. But the user is also important and the brand boasts great interaction with the user, with direct and fast communication. As a result of this, the wish list is now born within the App Gallery, which allows the user himself to be able to add apps to the wish lists so that the developer team tries to take them to the store.

However, the most striking thing today is the evolution of the Huawei search engine (Alternative to the Google search engine) and the appearance of Petal Maps, the alternative to Google Maps.

Petal Search and Petal Maps

Petal Search has been among mobiles without GMS for a while but now it is evolving to make it easier to find content and applications. Starting today, a new visual app detection function is launching, through which, if you don’t remember the name of the app, you can upload a screenshot of it and the App Gallery will find it in its catalog (if available) .

Following a similar operation, Petal Search launches the predictive purchase function by means of which you just have to take a photo of what you want and the different purchase options are given, with different filters. You can also upload the image of famous people to find the latest related news or work done (with music groups their songs are shown, if they are an actor, their movies are shown, etc …)

Huawei Mate 40 Pro

The great novelty released by Huawei in this presentation of the Huawei Mate 40 Pro is Petal Maps . The brand claims that it is not an acquired mapping solution, but that it has been created by the brand through a series of Development Kits compatible with each other.

The alternative to Google Maps begins its beta period today in 140 countries and in 70 languages and offers:

  • 2D or 3D map.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Faster route in real time with traffic information.
  • Integrated with Huawei hardware so, for example, that it can be used without touching the screen.

More news in App Gallery

The app store that replaces the Play Store on the manufacturer’s smartphones without a licensed version of Android also has new features. App Gallery changes and adopts a format that benefits vertical scrolling, separating apps from games more clearly, and betting on “Storytelling” that is, presenting more editorial content than algorithmic content, showing more information in exchange for reducing the number of apps in screen.

The brand boasts a 360% growth in Europe compared to last year, increasing by 600% more downloads, not only from mobiles without GMS, but from all Huawei mobiles