Never put these passwords on your WiFi or they will get in easily

One of the reasons why the Internet connection can start to go wrong is because of intruders. If someone enters the router, in the wireless network, the Wi-Fi will start to go worse. It may be slow, continuous cuts appear, or you may not even be able to connect. In this article we are going to show some passwords that you should never put on your Wi-Fi . The goal is to maintain safety at all times and not have problems.

What Wi-Fi passwords to avoid

Never put these passwords on your WiFi

Sometimes because it is easy to remember them, others simply because of ignorance or even because of using one that is simple and short for when someone comes home. Whatever the reason, it is not uncommon to find a network key that is not really going to protect and an intruder could gain access without too many complications.

But, what are those passwords that should not be put to Wi-Fi? Basically they are the same ones that we can put in other accounts, such as Facebook, mail, etc. Although it is an important error, passwords such as “123456”, “123456789”, “11112222”, “clavedelwifi”, “wifidecasa” and similar are still the most used.

Logically, the fact that they are the most used passwords will make them the first that a hypothetical attacker will try. He will try those that we have posted and many other similar ones that he knows are used quite frequently. This can cause the wireless network to start going bad.

It is also a serious mistake to put a password that is easy to remember, which contains your name, for example. Many users even put something similar to the name of the Wi-Fi network to make it easier to remember. This is also going to be something that potential attackers are going to try and try to break into the network.

Saber banda Wi-Fi conectada

How should a password for Wi-Fi be?

So what should a good Wi-Fi password look like? The first thing is that it must be a completely random key. You should not use words or digits that may be easy to memorize. Therefore, a password that you do not remember could be said to be good. It uses letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and other special symbols.

It is also important that you do not use that password elsewhere . For example, it is an error to use the same password on other devices or online services. If for some reason they manage to steal the password from one of the platforms, they could try to see if it matches any other that you are using.

An interesting tip is to use a key generator . In this way you can create a password that meets all security requirements. You can also use a password manager to store it so you can remember it whenever you need it. The idea is not to have to use a key that is easy to figure out.

On the other hand, you can also take into account the possibility of creating a guest network. There you can create a simpler password, since in case you have guests you simply activate and deactivate that network. However, to have total protection there, it is also convenient that this password is not so simple. Protecting the Wi-Fi router is essential and you must take into account the importance of the password.