Do this before unsubscribing from any social network or you will have problems

On many occasions we are interested in leaving a social network. It may be because we do not use it, because of changes they have made or for any other reason. But of course, maybe we have a lot of information stored there and we want to keep something or even delete everything so that there is no trace. In this article we are going to talk about what you should always do before unsubscribing from any social network on the Internet.

What to do before deleting a social network

Do this before unsubscribing from any social network

This is something that you can apply to social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other. Leaving a social network of this type can mean losing contacts, photos or information that you have stored. You may also want no trace of you left. All this you must take into account.

Save photos you don’t want to lose

The first thing you should do is save photos that you may have on your social networks and that you do not want to lose. If, for example, you are going to delete your Facebook account, perhaps you have images from many years ago. All that, all those photos that you have been uploading, will be lost as soon as you decide to delete your social network.

Therefore, our advice is to download those photographs that you are interested in keeping. In this way you will not lose content that you may need in the future, even if it is only to remember a trip you took, your university days, etc.

Inform your contacts

You should also inform your contacts , especially those with whom you only speak on that social network. If you use a platform to stay in touch with people you have met at some point in your life and you only have contact on that platform, if you delete it you could lose that contact forever.

What you should do is save the contact of those people with whom you want to continue talking and inform them that you are going to delete the social network. So you can add them from another platform, have the number, etc.

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Beware of linked services

You may have been linking certain services to that social network. It is common in the case of Facebook or Twitter. You can log in quickly without the need to put passwords or usernames just by linking the social network. This, although it is not a very good idea, is a comfortable option and one that many do.

If you delete that social network profile, you will automatically remove access to those other platforms. You will not be able to enter directly and you may lose data that you have stored there or control of that account. You can always see the services linked to social networks.

Review data and saved information

Do you have information saved on the social network? For example, on Twitter, perhaps you have been saving tweets with useful information that will be of use to you in the future. Once you delete the profile, you will lose all that and you will no longer be able to access it. You may lose data that may become important to you at some point.

Check this very well, such as stored favorites, and thus avoid losing content that may be important.

Delete account (not just deactivate)

In some social networks you will find the option to delete account , but also to deactivate. This is what happens, for example, on Facebook. You must bear in mind that it is not the same, so you have to choose very carefully which of these options interests you. One is reversible, while the other is permanent.

If what you want is to unsubscribe from the social network completely, what you have to do is delete the account. On the other hand, if what you are looking for is to leave that platform for a while, such as during exam time, what you should do is deactivate it.

In short, these are some issues that you should take into account when unsubscribing from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This way you will avoid losing information or contacts that you cannot recover in the future.