Never miss a free game again: do this right now

Surely most of you like to have a good collection of accessible games to download and enjoy from your PC. Also, if the titles we are referring to are free, all the better.

As a general rule, if we are interested in a specific video game to be able to run it on our computer, the usual thing is to access a store such as Steam or Epic Games, among many others. Next, we only have to choose the title in question to pay for it, download it and install it in a matter of minutes. But we also have the opportunity to take advantage of the many occasions in which some of these stores offer us certain games for free.

Never miss a free game again: do this right now

In these times and because the economy of many is not particularly buoyant, you may be interested in taking advantage of the free game gifts that some of these stores offer us from time to time. Next, we are going to talk about some simple solutions that you can carry out so as not to miss any free game ads from these stores again. All this will allow us to increase our library of content of this type without having to spend a single euro .

Follow game store Twitter accounts

The vast majority of PC game stores, if not all, now have their own accounts on the Twitter social network. Therefore, in order to take advantage of the free game advertisements that they send to their customers from time to time, it is best to become followers of these accounts. We only have to search for the corresponding store on the platform.

In this way, and if we are regular users of the blue bird’s social network, we will obtain the corresponding notifications in real time every time we have the possibility of downloading a free game at our disposal.

steam twitter

Turn on Epic Store notifications

One of the most popular PC game stores right now is the Epic Store . For those of you who don’t know, it offers us weekly free games on a regular basis. All we have to do is create an account on the platform in order to add the game or games that they offer us every Thursday afternoon to our library.

In addition, in order not to miss a single one, we have the possibility of activating the notification system included from the Epic client configuration.

epic notificaciones juegos

Write the dates on the calendar

We can also use the useful calendars that we have configured in the operating system, such as Google or Windows itself, to receive these notifications. Whether they are those corresponding to the aforementioned Epic Store or any other announcement about a free game from the rest of the stores, we can write down those dates in our calendar accounts to receive the corresponding warning notifications.

Take advantage of this offer website

It is also interesting to know in this same sense that we have a platform especially dedicated to informing us about offers that we can find on the internet for all kinds of products. This is the Chollometro, a website to which we can subscribe to receive notifications of the offers that are published. These publications are carried out by the users themselves. We tell you this because, as a general rule, here we can also find many related to the free games that interest us now, belonging to a multitude of stores and developers .

Check out the Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store is the official store that we find in the Windows operating system. Here we find a multitude of UWP applications that we can download and install on our computer instantly. But at the same time we find a good number of games, some of them free, that we can download and use without spending a single euro.

For all this we only have to browse the aforementioned store in order to take advantage of the titles that are proposed in this section at no cost. It is worth mentioning that new free games appear here every so often.