Netflix Will Send Emails with a Summary of Children’s Preferences and More

Netflix continues to add new features to the platform to improve the viewing experience. This year, Netflix has added features like “Play Something ” to play random movies or series. It also allows you to view content that we have downloaded offline to view even if the download has not finished. Now, the platform has improved its parental controls.

For this, the platform has announced two functions that are available from today on Netflix. The first of these is an email that summarizes the content that children see, and the second is another function that will make it easier to find content for children to see.

Netflix Will Send Emails with a Summary of Children's Preferences

Five-year email with what your kids like

Thus, the first function will consist of an email that parents will receive in their email every two weeks . In it, there will be a five-year summary that will allow parents to better understand their children’s preferences , as well as discover new ways to explore their interests.

For example, we will find Netflix recommendations of new series and movies that children may like. There will also be content off the shelf, such as printable coloring sheets or activities inspired by the characters they love the most. It will also show what type of serious or content they like the most, with key elements such as science, friendship, etc. There will also be tips for getting the most out of Netflix’s kids features.

The 10 most popular contents of every day

The second function will be that of a new row called ” The 10 most popular Infantile “, in which the 10 contents of movies or episodes of series most popular in Spain of each day will be shown. With this, you will quickly know which content is more successful.

As we can see, Netflix continues to improve the platform to make it more accessible and interactive for users. Before including a new feature, the platform usually tests on a limited group of users, and if it finally works properly, it now extends to all subscribers of the platform .

Most of the novelties introduced in 2021 come in handy for the summer. In the case of these novelties for children, it is easier to choose the content that we want them to see. In the case of viewing content that we have only partially downloaded, it is ideal to continue watching something if we have run out of coverage, or if we have not had time to complete the download on a public WiFi.