My computer is noisy: solutions that never fail

One of the most common problems with a computer is that it makes a lot of noise and we don’t know why. Whether you are using it or it is making noise when it is idle, there are some common causes that we must take into account that are causing your computer to make a lot of noise. In addition, we explain what are the main solutions that we can carry out to stop it from happening.

The noise may be normal and there is nothing wrong with the computer , but there are cases in which it is better to try to detect what is due to it and what is the cause of this noise. In those cases, the first thing we should do is see what happens. Once we have detected the reason, there are different solutions…

My computer is noisy

Noises in the speakers or headphones

One of the most common is noise in the speakers or headphones. There may be many causes. It may be interference noise in the headphones or speakers because there is something wrong with a cable or with the device itself. The first and most basic thing is that we make sure that the speaker or headset is well connected and that there is nothing loose. As is usually the most common, disconnect and connect is the first thing we will do.

The volume may be too high. In this case, we must always adjust the volume of the sound source for the capacity of the speaker or nominal power. There are also other causes such as being dirty or having a lot of dust, for example. But we can also try other different devices to see if the noise disappears and it sounds correctly.

If so, the problem will not be with the devices themselves but with your own computer and there may be an error in the sound card or even in the ports where these headphones are connected. The first thing to rule out the failure in the ports is that we use another USB and check if it continues to occur. If so, the error may be with the sound card.

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Vibrations and noises in the fan

If what you hear are vibrations in the computer case, it may be due to the fans that you have installed in it. It may be that they are worn out by abusive use of them. In most cases, we cannot fix the fan but it is best to exchange or replace it with new ones.

Another tip that we can take into account is that we keep the computer fans clean. Dust frequently accumulates in the fans and a large amount of dirt will make them work worse or may cause these vibrations or noises.

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Hard drive noises

Another common noise is on the hard drive. We must bear in mind that, unlike an SSD, a hard drive works with moving parts. If one of these parts is knocked out of place, it may sound more than it normally should. In this case, the first thing we should do is back up our data because fixing the hard drive is almost never a possibility. If any component has come off or the parts rub against each other and it does not work correctly, it will be better to save our data so that it is not lost when it stops working permanently.

On the other hand, these noises will not occur if you use an SSD since it does not have moving parts.

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Coil Whine

Another of the most common noises that we can experience on the computer is the “coil whine”. It is a noise caused by electromagnetic coils and is generated, to a greater or lesser extent, in almost all devices. It is a high-pitched noise that can be heard if we put our ears close to the computer case and that is normal. It does not mean that there is anything wrong, but it will normally be heard and does not have to indicate that there is a problem.

The noise will always be subdued. If it’s too loud or too loud, we can make sure everything is okay or change the connectors to make this annoying noise less. We can plug the audio jack into another connector or we can change the sound card for an external USB sound card if the coil whine is too unbearable.