How to make a backup of Kodi and its addons so you don’t lose anything

Kodi is one of the most useful programs that we can have on our computer or our Smart TV to watch all kinds of content. A comfortable and practical multimedia center that has millions of users around the world and that has different addons that add functions to make it even more interesting and practical.

Kodi add-ons or complements are tools that we can add or install in the program and that allow us to get more out of the application , have more functions and improve its usability. And if you want to always have them and that they are not lost in case of a problem, then we will explain how we can make a backup copy of Kodi.

How to make a backup of Kodi and its addons

There may be some addons that you no longer know how to live without and you don’t want them to be lost if you format or if there is an error. In that case, you can make a Kodi backup that you always turn to if you want to recover them and they have been deleted.

Make a backup

To make a backup of Kodi we need a specific plugin. We will need to install BackUp, a plugin or program that we can find in the official Kodi repository and that will fulfill this function.

The steps for us to install it are very simple:

  • We open Kodi
  • We go to the settings of the program or the application
  • In the side menu, look for “Add-ons” and tap on that section
  • Now you will have to open the “Program Add-ons” section
  • It’s arranged alphabetically so scroll to B
  • Once here, look for “ Backup


Tap on it and start installing the add-on. Here you will see all the details of the program and all the functions it allows. We will be able to see the category, the origin (the Kodi repository) and what it is for. Once we have arrived here, all that remains is to click on the “Install” button that you see in the lower right corner.

Backup Kodi

Once you have it installed, you can quickly back up Kodi using Backup. You just have to go to “add-ons” and here to “program add-ons” where you will see Backup already installed, as you see in the image.

Tap on it and choose “backup” to start the backup. Once you have pressed the button, all you have to do is wait for it to complete. It will take more or less depending on the elements that have to be copied and depending on the number of programs and add-ons you have installed on Kodi.

BackUp Mode

We can also restore the backup created when we need to, just follow the same steps. Just tap on “Backup” to bring up the plugin options and instead of choosing “backup” (the one that appears as the first option) choose the “ restore ” option. Wait a few minutes for the Kodi backup to complete and you can have everything as it was.

In addition, there are also some settings that we can modify from the plugin. For example, we can schedule regular backups so that we don’t have to do them manually and that everything is saved if we forget. You just have to go to “Settings” and “ Scheduling ” to configure it.

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