Must-Have IPTV Add-ons for Kodi: All Kinds of Streaming Sports, Series, and Movies

Both the hardware and the software that we currently have allow us to view and play all kinds of multimedia content at home. A good solution for this is to use the open source program Kodi , a title that is sure to be familiar to most of you and to which we can add add-ons.

This is an application that acts as a multimedia center and that we can install on all kinds of operating systems and devices. To do this, we only need to download the program as such , using its corresponding compatible version. So we can install it on a PC, the console, the mobile, on a Raspberry Pi and more. Among the many advantages that this software offers us and that are the secret of its success, are all the functions that it presents us and its enormous stability.

Must-Have IPTV Add-ons for Kodi

In addition, it is able to play all kinds of multimedia content and its corresponding file formats without any problem. To all this we can add that, to increase its functionality even more, we have the possibility of installing a series of add-ons or additional accessories. Of course, there are some of these additions that are considered illegal because they call content protected by copyright , which can lead to serious problems.

But at the same time we find a multitude of completely legal add-ons that we can take great advantage of. Next, we are going to talk about a series of proposals of this type focused on IPTV that will allow us to watch content related to series, movies or sports. In addition, all this legally and comfortably from our home. You can find these add-ons in the official Kodi repository .

PVR IPTV Simple Client

Here we find a plugin that we downloaded directly from the repository integrated in the open source program. It will allow us to load all kinds of M3U lists , which are precisely the ones used to load television channels from all over the world. This way we will only have to search for them on the internet and we will be able to load them directly in the multimedia center.

itv kodi pvr


This other Kodi add-on will allow us to add IPTV channels from other add-ons that we have installed in Kodi in order to access them faster. As we add movie, series or sports channels to this program, thanks to this add-on we will be able to manage them in a much more effective and personalized way.

Documentary Heaven

As its name suggests, thanks to this official add-on that we find in Kodi we can access a huge number of international documentaries. It is interesting to know that the contents of this type that we are going to find here when installing the add-on, number in the thousands.

Art +7

Art lovers will also be in luck thanks to this add-on for Kodi that we discussed. We also find it in the official repository of the program and it will give us a good amount of content related to different types of art so that you can follow directly from your PC . Obviously all this quickly and also without having to spend a single euro.

The series is one of the most consumed video content at the moment. That is why we show you this complement for the aforementioned multimedia center that gives you access to a huge number of series of all kinds. In addition, we find different television channels in real time, all this after registering on the platform itself.

CBC Sports

In the event that you are regulars to content related to all kinds of sports, this is your add-on. It offers us a good amount of sports content from different categories, real-time broadcasts, videos, etc.

Other add-ons to enjoy movies and more on Kodi

  • Charge!: add-on that focuses on movies and series .
  • films, series and documentaries in the language of Cervantes .
  • Cooking Chanel: add-on especially indicated for those who love cooking.
  • Follow a multitude of channels from the neighboring country live.
  • LightTv Live: all kinds of movies and series to enjoy on Kodi.
  • Pluto TV: access a multitude of channels with all kinds of content from the multimedia center .
  • Red Bull TV: here you can watch a multitude of sporting events from this important brand.

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