Must-Have Gadgets for Hardcore Gamers

gaming gadgets

Sure, you can get a decent gaming PC under 1000 USD from high-end AlliedPC,  but a gamer also needs their armaments, i.e., proper gaming accessories. Here are seven must-haves.

1. Gaming Mouse

What good is a custom mousepad if you don’t have the correct mouse to go with it? PC gamers are well aware of the significance of this device in terms of performance. The ergonomics of the device, wired vs. wireless, key functionality and shortcuts, and affordability all play a role in selecting the best gaming mouse. Some gaming mice are pricey, but many choices will improve your in-game performance for the correct price.

2. Dual Monitors

Adding a second monitor to your gaming station is a great way to boost your productivity. Dual displays are more commonly associated with PC gamers, but console gamers might benefit as well.

Multitasking or playing your game on two displays makes advantage of your graphics card’s full potential by allowing you to experience 1080p or 4K resolutions on two screens.

3. Mic and high-definition webcam

Because many individuals recognize how much money can be made in streaming, the mic and webcam setup is becoming a more prevalent trend among dedicated gamers.

If you stream your gaming sessions, you can attract a crowd to watch you play, which could result in donations or even endorsements if you’re talented enough.

A good webcam should capture at least 1080p at 50-60 frames per second, and a good microphone should have a frequency response of 80 to 15 kHz. If you want to take your gaming out in public, these are useful accessories.

4. Gaming Keyboard

What good is a high-tech gaming mouse if a high-tech gaming keyboard doesn’t accompany it? While the accuracy with which a serious gamer can move the crosshair on the screen is aided by a gaming mouse, the keyboard is equally crucial in the overall experience.

The keyboard serves as the in-game player’s “body”; pushing particular keys on the keyboard, such as the arrow keys or the ever-popular WSAD buttons, causes the in-game character to move in a different direction (in some games). You can use other keys to draw a weapon, hurl a hand grenade, release the brakes, or leap into the air.

Additional keys known as “shortcut” buttons are commonly seen on these keyboards. Some keyboards even have “shortcut” keys for certain games, like weapon buttons in first-person shooters.

5. Glasses

Long periods spent staring at a screen are never good for the eyes. In reality, excessive tablets, televisions, and computers can cause eye strain and a severe headache.

It is critical to take care of your health as a serious player who lives and breathes video games. Gunnar glasses are one accessory that comes in handy.

These glasses are made to reduce glare from computer screens. The glasses reduce dry eyes, eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision by filtering out the blue light emitted by the screen.

These specs also offer prescription spectacles for individuals who already use glasses. This feature is only accessible for glasses with a power of 1.00, 1.50, or 2.00.

6. Wireless Headset

You’ll need a microphone and the ability to hear and reply to what others are saying. This is particularly true in shooting, and strategy games where you must work together with your teammates – or trash talk your opponents.

A good wireless headset will help you stay entirely immersed in the game while also communicating with others.

Headsets can also be wired, which may provide faster response times. Wireless headsets provide you with more freedom to get up and wander around if you need to stretch your legs during the game or the action is too intense to stay sitting.

7. Communication Applications

It is undoubtedly the best gaming accessory, and guess what? It is free because it is not a tangible accessory.  It’s a Teamchat or Discord account instead. These services provide programs that can be downloaded to your computer or apps sitting dead to your phone.

They let you communicate with your pals while playing, so you’re never alone while you rip through waves of foes. You can construct formidable teams with them, earn top rankings on any scoreboard, and form much stronger friendships.


Remember that a gadget that is good for you may not be ideal for another gamer. It all boils down to what makes you feel at ease while playing a game and what features you want in an accessory.