Multiclip: Copy Multiple Items to the Windows 10 Clipboard

The clipboard that has been accompanying us in the different versions of Windows for many years, is an element that often goes unnoticed, but is very important. Since it is not a program as such, sometimes we do not show due attention.

However, it is something that we almost automatically use almost daily to transfer elements of all kinds, from a program or platform, to another location. In the most recent versions of Windows 10, this is a functionality that has improved its operation a bit. We must know that this clipboard that we are talking about now already has its own history that is linked to our Microsoft account.

Save Multiple Items to Clipboard
Save Multiple Items to Clipboard

Thus, if we enable it, this will synchronize the clipboard history with the rest of the devices through the Microsoft servers. However, this is an option that not everyone likes, since they consider it as a violation of their privacy. Despite the enormous utility of all this, many users who do not like to share this data with Microsoft itself, so they do not activate it.

That is why if you look for something similar to this history of the clipboard for Windows 10 but that works locally, we can use Multiclip. Specifically we refer to a free open source application that you can download from here . Actually, the tool is responsible for copying several elements to the clipboard so that we can manage them later. As with the Windows 10 feature we have talked about, this app can copy both text and images. But at the same time, it generates a complete list with everything we have copied to be able to recover it later.

How to copy multiple items to the Windows 10 clipboard

The first thing we do is download Multiclip from the GitHub platform and we will see that it is a potable application that does not need to be installed. Then we recommend you take a look at the software configuration. Here, in addition to choosing a theme for the interface, we can see the different keyboard shortcuts to use it more fluently.

Of course, we must keep in mind that to make it more comfortable for us, we have the possibility to edit these keyboard shortcuts that are predefined by default. For this we just have to click on the "Edit" button in the same section and record the shortcuts we want to use. As for its basic operation, in Multiclip the elements are copied with the same method as always, that is, by the combination "Ctrl + C".

Multiclip Settings
Multiclip Settings

On the other hand, in case we need to recover other elements previously copied to the clipboard, we have only to access the application. To say that it is working in the background on the right side of the Windows 10 taskbar. Therefore, then we will only have to scroll through the saved items and select the one we want to use.

By default, up to 40 will be saved, a parameter that we can modify, as well as specifying the software that starts next to the operating system. We can also delete everything previously stored to maintain our privacy if that PC is used by several people.