Mouse pads that go with your Hogwarts Legacy games

It is, without a doubt, one of the games of the year. Hogwarts Legacy has achieved what no one imagined, which is to enter the best-seller rankings at full speed and stay there without dropping a single position. That success is allowing Warner Games, and Avalanche, to start thinking about a sequel to keep alive the spirit of these wizards who lived in the famous castle during the 19th century.

From the screen to your desktop

Mouse pads that go with your Hogwarts Legacy games

So it is normal that this success has crossed all imaginable borders and that players feel that fever again that they already had years ago thanks to the Harry Potter movies and books. The phenomenon created by the great JK Rowling seems to have found a new way to perpetuate itself in our homes, through a video game that, as we have already mentioned, looks like it will soon become a saga.

But while that moment arrives, we are going to focus on something much more tangible and that will come to decorate and brighten up our game setup on PC, if not during the games with Hogwarts Legacy , then at least when working and seeing that view out of the corner of my eye. portentous of the famous castle where young aspiring wizards live and learn. So if you like, we are going to leave you with a whole series of mouse pads inspired by the literary universe.

Which do you like best for Hogwarts Legacy ?

As they say, colors are for tastes, but we are left with the large Hogwarts castle mousepad, which will practically cover the keyboard from one side to the other and will also leave you extra space to move the mouse. It has a non-slip surface, so it will not move and offers a really nice view of the main stage of the Warner game.

If you prefer something smaller but equally identifying Hogwarts castle, nothing like the mat that reproduces a sealed envelope with the school seal. Simple, beautiful and with that regal and distinguished air of Anglo-Saxon academic institutions, which always look for that elitist point that attracts them so much. To us, because it’s Harry Potter, if not…

This large mat, like the one in Hogwarts castle, is a reflection of a decision that we will have to make in the game , such as choosing a house. With this enormous tablecloth that we can put on the PC desk, we will remember the four alternatives that we have and, on top of that, they will allow us to personalize it with our name. So if you want the one you have chosen for your Hogwarts Legacy character to appear, you can do it. Can you imagine playing with that in front of your eyes?

Finally, a somewhat simpler and more discreet model. A mat with Hogwarts as the protagonist that is not as spectacular as the previous ones, but that can help you enjoy Hogwarts Legacy even more. No?