Buying an AMD graphics card is a bad idea after the agreement between Microsoft and NVIDIA

At Microsoft they are in a hurry for the different regulators in the world to approve the purchase of Activision-Blizzard as an operation that is highly controversial as it is the largest purchase in the sector. What has led to several companies of the same, both competition and satellites and allies, are taking advantage to get a slice and advantages in full negotiation, the last one? The deal between NVIDIA and Microsoft to bring the latter’s games to GeForce Now. However, this deal hurts AMD negatively in the PC gaming market.

Graphics card manufacturers have been around for a long time, and by this we are not referring to assemblers, but to AMD and NVIDIA, who seek to capture the attention of gamers on that platform, that is, on the PC. For this, they make commercial agreements with the different developers who, in exchange for promotion capital, which technical support end up optimizing their games more towards one side than the other. This is especially important in the most played titles.

Buying an AMD graphics card is a bad idea

The agreement between NVIDIA and Microsoft hurts AMD

It is at least a paradox that Call of Duty, with popularity on all platforms and the number of hours played and number of players, is more optimized in its titles for AMD than for NVIDIA. This is due among other things to the fact that the PC versions are really direct conversions from the console where Lisa Su’s brand and if we discount Nintendo has a monopoly for two generations because its technology is found in both Sony and Microsoft consoles.

The agreement between NVIDIA and Microsoft so that Activision-Blizzard games can be played in the future if the purchase by the Redmond multinational is completed brings more crumb than it seems. And it is that for the hall the cloud it is necessary that the GPU generates the frames at a faster speed than in a conventional PC to be able to compress it, send it through the internet and that our system decompresses it at a speed fast enough to not be a problem during games especially in competitive games.

The smartest of you have already realized that this means optimizing games towards NVIDIA graphics cards, which would be one less reason for users of potential AMD users to use them.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

A common tactic in the industry

From NVIDIA they have been using these types of tactics to erode their rival for a long time. That of associating your brand with major games, whether it’s providing technical support for the implementation of things like DLSS or ray tracing in games. Although it may seem incredible to you that the title is high caliber, as Call of Duty is associated with a specific brand of hardware, it supposes a large amount of derivative propaganda for said components.

At the same time, we believe that the fact that AMD has not been able to capitalize on this fact in its favor in all this time should be highlighted. Which is a shame, since they are the reasons that have allowed his rival to keep the highest mental quota and touch figures of quasi-monopoly in graphics cards to play.