Mouse Click Button Does Not Work and Gives Problems: How to Fix

Mouse Click Button Does Not Work and Gives Problems

The mouse is one of the fundamental elements for daily work with our PC, and therefore an indispensable piece of hardware. The reason is that the graphical interface we use was designed to be handled with this input peripheral. But what happens if the mouse suddenly stops clicking ? At that time we can find ourselves completely sold out, but do not despair that with our guide you can get out of this predicament .

It is not to anyone’s taste to find yourself in the position that suddenly a mouse click button stops working, so here are some quick tips so that you can solve the loss of the mouse click temporarily, at least until it is repaired physically or acquire a new mouse .

First of all check that the problem is with the mouse

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When the mouse button stops working, it may be the fault of the USB port you are using, so if you have a wired mouse we recommend that you first try changing the USB port it is connected to. In the event that you are using a wireless mouse that uses a transmitter connected via USB, try also to change this port.

We also recommend that you restart your computer in “failsafe” mode where the basic drivers are loaded, as this way you will be able to check if it is the mouse driver that is causing problems. In any case, we recommend having the mouse driver updated and if you use a mouse with its own drivers, keeping them up to date is essential.

Clean the mouse thoroughly

The accumulated dust and other elements of dirt can be deposited inside the mouse and make the buttons no longer work as they did on the first day, so it is always recommended that you first rub some alcohol with a cotton ball to clean it inside. To reach the most inaccessible parts, we recommend using a can of compressed air in combination with a brush and a swab for the ears, and that you obviously do the cleaning with the mouse disconnected from the computer.

Use the right mouse button as if it were the left

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Although it is a temporary solution and not entirely effective, it is possible that the left click of the mouse is broken but that the right one works correctly, so you can always consider using the right button as a temporary measure to replace its failed brother.

You just have to press the Windows key on your keyboard and from there go to Settings → Devices → Mouse and change the main mouse button.

Disable mouse click lock

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You may have problems having click lock on, so it is recommended that you disable it. To do this, go to Control Panel → Hardware and Sound → Devices and Printers → Mouse and check that the box that says “Enable click lock” is not checked.

Conflicts between mice in the same system

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If you have a laptop but prefer a lifelong mouse, the USB mouse may sometimes conflict with the Trackpad included in the laptop. It does not always happen (and in fact it should never happen), but if it happens to you we recommend that you go to Control Panel → Hardware and Sound → Device Manager and from there disable the mouse or mice that you are not going to use to prevent these may conflict.

Activate the mouse keys to be able to click the mouse from the keyboard

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Use this option if you have no way of getting a mouse immediately or if the one you had is beyond physical repair and is to be thrown away.

When “Mouse Keys” are active, the keys on the numeric keypad are mapped as follows:

Hopefully this little guide will help you get out of the trouble of having lost the ability to click with the mouse.