Moto G50 Performance Test, Opinion and Best Features

On many occasions, users buy phones that belong to a higher product range than what they actually need, since they are not going to demand excessively from the terminal in question. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to always take into account the devices that are designed to offer the best possible quality / price ratio. And one of them is the Moto G50 of which we tell you the performance you will get when using it.

It must be said that the hardware is not exactly spectacular, since the manufacturer has decided to adjust some of its components seeking to offer improvements in other sections (such as the frequency of the screen that reaches 90 Hz or integrating a battery of a load reaching 5,000 mAh). A clear example of what we say is that the processor is a Snapdragon 480 , which is the least powerful of the last generation released by Qualcomm. Also, it is important to mention that the amount of integrated RAM reaches 4 GB .

Moto G50 Performance Test

There is a detail that should be duly evaluated in this Moto G50: it includes compatibility with 5G networks. The truth is that this feature makes it a good purchase option, and ensures that you can access the fastest data connections that exist today. We have tested its performance and it must be said that we have not found major gaps in the transfer of information. Therefore, it complies … but it must be borne in mind that the temperature when using the terminal intensively in this way rises a little more than usual -something logical on the other hand-. The fact is that we liked this inclusion quite a bit.

Moto G50, does it deliver on performance?

The truth is that we have to say that we have found lights and shadows when using the terminal. Let’s explain: when running the Android 11 operating system, we have noticed that, on some occasions, there is a certain delay when executing actions typical of Google’s development. It is not something that will constantly put you on hold, and we believe it may be because the amount of RAM is not as high as it should be to properly move the latest version of the Mountain View company’s development.

Does this make the terminal unusable? Not much less. Although you will not have the feeling of being especially overloaded when executing applications, it is true that with the vast majority of those that are common today, the operation does not offer any problem. A couple of examples of what we are saying is that Google Photos offers a very positive fluidity and, needless to say, that any messaging or email app runs like silk. Therefore, it has become quite clear to us that the Moto G50 is a device to which we put the adjective of achiever .

Play with this phone

The truth is that the aforementioned processor left us some doubts regarding the performance it would offer with this type of development – some of them show complex images. The GPU that integrates the SoC for this purpose is an Adreno 619 and, the truth is that it has shown a better behavior than one would expect at first.

The least positive thing that the Moto G50 offers here is the time it takes to open some of the games we have used, such as Call of Duty or PUBG. But, once the application is up and running, the experience is quite good, since there is a continuity in everything that is shown that can be played without many problems in general lines (although in the second of the mentioned titles, the best is not wasting time). The fact is that here the smartphone stood out a little more than expected and, therefore, it is not a bad option for the little ones in the house as long as its limitations are taken into account, since it is not a gaming phone.

Storage and connectivity

In the first of the sections it has caught our attention that the capacity offered by the device reaches 128 GB (there is a 64 model, something that seems little to us especially considering that this is a model that includes Android 11 and therefore this is not the most recommended). The behavior here is correct, although we have to say that writing is much better than reading . This has sometimes been noticed, especially in the download times of the applications as we have indicated before. A final detail that we must mention is that microSD cards can be used if necessary.

Regarding connectivity, we have not detected any problem when using options such as Bluetooth or the USB type C port (nor NFC, which has worked perfectly every time we have made a payment using this option). The WiFi adapter is Dual Band type, and we have been quite convinced by the power it offers, since it allows quite wide distances when detecting a network. But if intensive use is made when transferring information, some downward peaks in communication are detected. Of course, this did not affect especially when consuming content from the cloud or playing online.


The truth is that this Moto G50 has convinced us a little more than we thought at first, since its processor made us doubt its ability to run certain applications. But, the truth is that the performance of this component has been better than expected and the RAM is the real handicap that we can see when it comes to obtaining a much greater capacity when using the terminal. The storage for their part is correct, but they do not offer very high marks when transferring information.

We found the inclusion of 5G compatibility to be a great detail, which does not work badly at all and does quite an interesting job. The gaming behavior of this phone once development is open is far better than you might think, which is positive. There are no special problems in temperature management, and there are no big additions in what has to do with the operating system (which is Android 11 and works perfectly). In short, the Moto G50 is a device that should not be forgotten among the economic ones on the market, since it works quite well.