Moto G50 Battery Test, Opinion and User Experience

Moto G50 Battery Test

More and more manufacturers decide to include high-charge batteries in their mobile terminals, and curiously, the entry-level or mid-range models are the most commonly chosen for this. An example is the Moto G50 , a terminal that we have tested and that has all the necessary condiments to convince by its autonomy.

This is a model that inside includes a battery that has an amperage of 5,000 mAh . It is not the one that has the most load of all those that we have tested to date on our site, but it is among those that are in the most prominent area taking into account this parameter. It is important to note that this is a model that does not clash in what has to do with its dimensions, an example is that its thickness remains at the correct nine millimeters. It is also not disastrous in relation to the weight that is 192 grams … although it is not the lightest that you will be able to use.

Before going on to comment on the feelings that we have when using the Moto G50 in the autonomy section, it should be mentioned that this device does not lack fast charging (which we will talk about later) using a USB port type. C – wireless charging , nothing at all, which is logical, since its price is not exactly very high. Besides, we also believe that it is interesting to point out that some of the modifications that the manufacturer has made to the Android operating system have to do with possibilities aimed at optimizing the use of the integrated battery.

Is the autonomy of the Moto G50 convincing?

We expected good behavior from the phone that we talk about in this section, and the truth is that the answer was completely convincing . Thus, with a use that can be considered as habitual where receiving emails and messages is the order of the day and without having high restrictions in the section of having the screen turned on, we have verified that it can be reached a day and a half without having to turn to a plug constantly. Even if you are one of those who do not need a very powerful brightness, you can extend the aforementioned time reaching the night of the second day.

Since we have talked about the brightness of the screen , which is quite powerful in the Moto G50, if you like to take it to the maximum, since for that there is this possibility on the phone, you should know that the drop in the autonomy section is quite a lot important. Thus, we are talking about an average that is between 15 and 20% of the aforementioned (and this is independent of the frequency you use on the panel, which can reach 90 Hz). For the rest of the hardware, you will not have problems when it comes to energy needs, since both the processor and additional elements such as the WiFi adapter behave quite correctly.

Existing options in Settings

This is something that has caught our attention , since details that we have found very positive insist in the Battery section that there are the Moto G50 adjustments. Apart from the usual options such as being able to review the details of use (and thus know the applications that do not do their job well), you will also find a couple of sections that have attracted our attention and that add to the possibility to use a Power Saving Mode that is quite efficient and that activates the dark mode of the operating system.

The first option is called Automatic Battery . This corrects the malfunction of some apps that remain in the background and consume more energy than necessary, so if you activate the function intelligently the terminal will control this. There is also Optimized Charging , which is a functionality that studies the user’s habitual charging patterns so that the process is much more efficient and safe, increasing the life of the battery.

Fast charging: it exists, but there is a surprise

By including a Qualcomm processor, the Moto G50 phone includes the possibility of using a charging power that reaches 15 W. This is appreciated considering the high amperage of the integrated battery, and also surpasses a large part of its competition in the market within the range that can be considered as entry-level. But, you should know that the power adapter included with the phone will not support you, so you will have to look for an additional one to take advantage of this good virtue.

Once you use a suitable charger, we have verified that the times you get with the device are what you would expect. That is, with 30 minutes of work it is possible to reach more or less 55% filling. Good brand, since it should not be forgotten that the battery is 5,000 mAh, so the percentages are necessarily lower than other equipment that has a lower amperage. The fact is that, again, this terminal does quite well.


This is a model that gives what can be expected of it, and this is good news because there are many other phones that do not behave so solvent in the autonomy section, including a similar battery and fast charging technologies with a power very similar. Therefore, without being spectacular, you will be quite satisfied in everything that has to do with the autonomy of this complete Moto G50 phone.

The usage times that we have obtained are fully convincing, since the hardware has seemed very well chosen in search of offering a good time of use of the phone. It is true that it has some small bugs that can be corrected in a simple way, as mentioned in the charger, but with all the options offered in the Settings where you even have a section that allows you to prevent overloads , we believe that you will not find no reason to criticize the device we are talking about.