The Most Useful Profiles to Use in the Web Browser

In these times, we use our favorite Internet browser for a multitude of different tasks. In these used programs today we play online, we work, we chat, we videoconference, we visit websites of all kinds, etc. That is why on many occasions we may be interested in creating several profiles in the browser itself.

We carry out all this from the same PC, we mean that we carry out all kinds of actions from a single PC and program to move around the Internet. And is that most people use their desktop or laptop for a variety of purposes and modes of use. In this way and if we focus on browsers , the more purposes you have to use your computer, the more extensions you will have to install and the more bookmarks you will have to save.

Most Useful Profiles to Use in the Web Browser

On certain occasions this can be translated into that we find ourselves with a cluttered browser, full of content and data of all kinds. This possibly makes it more difficult to find what you need quickly and use the program fluently. Having all these data and extensions can actually slow down your browser. But we have a very simple solution for it and one that we surely had not fallen for at first. Specifically, here we refer to the use of different user profiles . These, if we add them to the browser, can help us solve this problem we are talking about.

What are browser profiles

The first thing we should know is that browser profiles are separate and independent profiles that we can create for different users on the same computer. These profiles save all the content that is collected while we browse the Internet. Here are included elements of the importance of history , bookmarks , passwords or extensions that we install in each one.

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Therefore, in the event that we share the computer with another person or persons, we can have separate profiles for each one. In this way, we can not worry about sharing information with the rest from the same program. Of course, at the same time we must bear in mind that even if we do not share the computer with anyone, there are several reasons to have more than one profile just for you.

And, as we mentioned before, there are many types of use that we make of these programs at the moment. In addition, these can be related to both the personal and professional sphere. This is precisely why we tell you, so it will not always be advisable to mix all these modes of use, and their corresponding browser data .

Advantages of using multiple profiles

It happens to most of us, and it is that we have different behaviors and modes of use of the PC, and each of them requires different information. If you have your own business, you may need extensions for productivity or organization. But you probably won’t need those same tools when you’re on social media on the weekend, or watching a YouTube video or movie on Netflix . That is why it is not necessary that we use and load the same bookmarks or the same extensions, for such disparate modes of use.

So instead of creating a huge collection of extensions, passwords and other information that has to be loaded when you start your browser, you can open only what you need.

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In fact, social networks are another reason to configure more than one profile in the browser. We tell you this because if you have several social network accounts, you can configure each profile to open only with the corresponding social network account. This will save you the time it takes to enter and exit each of the profiles.

Types of profiles that we can create for the browser

At this point, we will tell you that there are several different types of profiles that we have the possibility to create and thus separate the browser data. It is precisely about this that we will talk to you next and that could be extended to the majority of current Internet users.

Keep work separate from personal use

Especially if you work from home, chances are good that you prefer or even need to keep your work- related data separate from everything else. In this way, what we achieve is to keep the extensions and web pages that we use at leisure, separate from everything we use at work. Thus, we also avoid distractions outside of your work profile and save time by using some of the many productivity extensions.

On the other hand, we can create a profile that we use to view entertainment websites, watch videos via streaming, play online, etc.

Separate hobbies and hobbies independently

It can also be the case that we use the same PC only for our leisure moments. But with all this, the types of use here can also be the most varied. For example, if you have a hobby that takes up a lot of time and about which you usually search for information on the Internet, a specific profile for it could be useful. In this way we could separate a profile focused on streaming video playback, from the one we use to play our favorite titles.

We can also create another to search for information on certain topics in which we have interest, etc.

Use profiles to organize searches

We all know that the Internet is a virtual place where we can find the most varied information, practically everything. Therefore, it may be the case that we have some different blogs or interests from which we need to extract large amounts of information.

Therefore, as you can imagine, for this we can use an independent profile for each of the topics that we regularly investigate. This also allows us to make the program work in a more fluid way by loading only those extensions, bookmarks or data that we really need.

Save by getting better prices on your trips

In the event that we travel regularly, or even only once in a while, using a profile for it is very useful. The reason for this is that thanks to these profiles , we have the possibility to save everything we want in this regard in bookmarks. That is, we will have a profile with everything we need when it comes to finding the best deals when traveling.

You have to know that when for example you buy airline tickets online, the website sometimes uses cookies to identify you and increase the price to encourage you to buy. Therefore we can use this profile dedicated to travel to do all the research, and then make the final purchase in another independent profile.

Use multiple profiles for security

One of the sections that most concerns users today is everything related to security and privacy. Therefore, for example, banking information and other sensitive data can be at risk when you use only one profile in the browser. This is because the cookies used by social networks and other sites can compromise this data. Therefore, we can use a profile with a higher level of security and in which we only deal with bank data, stock market data, credit cards , etc.

Different profiles for social networks

We already told you before that another very useful use of multiple profiles in a browser, is to be able to open several profiles at the same time in a certain social network. To give you an idea, this is something that for example you can do on Facebook . Thus, if we have several profiles, to work with them simultaneously we can create as many browser profiles as the ones we use in the social network.

This allows us to open several at the same time and not have to be closing one in order to open a new one.