The 5 Most Famous Ringtones in History

Since the polyphonic tones reached the mobile phones, many users are customizing each of the sounds of their phone to the millimeter. This made manufacturers strive to include melodies that would end up being the hallmark of each brand, so that, when ringing, everyone knew what type of phone is ringing.

The most famous ringtones ever

Throughout these years we have seen countless creations, but only some have managed to penetrate the public. Next, we are going to review some of the most famous creations of the era of modern telephony, sounds that you probably recognize immediately after hearing a slight fraction of a second.

Nokia Tune

Nokia‘s melody is possibly one of the first tones that became famous in the world. The first appearance of this tone was in 1994 with the launch of the Nokia 2110, and over time it has evolved maintaining the essence of always.

The tone of Sony Ericsson

The ringtones end up transcending time by a very simple logic: they are the most sold phones. A few years ago, one of the best selling brands was Sony Ericsson , and its tone also became characteristic among the public. You remember?

The presidential tone of BlackBerry

Another one that could not miss the party of the ringtones is BlackBerry, and that is that the business terminal reaped a lot of sales worldwide thanks to its messaging and email service. Unfortunately the arrival of the touch screens changed everything, but its ringtone will also remain in memory. Especially for ringing at House of Cards , and the good thing about Frank Underwood was wearing it as a ringtone.

Marimba becomes famous

But if there is a ringtone that defines a brand, it is none other than Marimba. Apple designed one of the most characteristic ringtones of recent years, and for this it was based on the sounds of the Marimba, a percussion instrument similar to the xylophone that left an unmistakable melody: that of the iPhone.

Sound of horizons

Over the horizon is the composition that Samsung has been carrying on their mobile phones since the launch of the Galaxy S2, and that year after year has been changing slightly until it finds the symphonic version that sounds today.

Does Microsoft want to be part of this list?

Another one that could enter this list is Microsoft, as it has recently published a patent for the ringtone that will be present on the Surface Duo . The long-awaited Microsoft double screen phone will go on sale at the end of the year, and thanks to the video of the announcement we could know how it would sound. The melody is quite attractive, but will it become fashionable?

The good news is that it is available for download (you have the link in the source link), so if you like it, you can do it immediately and not wait for the terminal to launch.