What Are the Most Common Hacking Techniques to Avoid

hacking-techniques-5When it comes to surfing the Internet, there are many threats we can suffer. There are many types of malware that can jeopardize the proper functioning of our systems. It is the hackers who constantly look for ways to attack. They use different tricks that can jump the safety of our equipment. In this article we will explain what are the most common hacking techniques that you can use against us. We will also give advice to protect ourselves.

Most common hacking techniques

As we mentioned, cybercriminals carry out different techniques that can put our security at risk. They use certain mechanisms to capture the victim’s attention and ultimately achieve their objectives of attacking our security and privacy.

For this to be possible they have to perform innovative techniques that can overcome the security tools we use. There is a wide range of possibilities, as we can imagine. We will explain what these techniques consist of and which are the most common.


Undoubtedly one of the most used hacking techniques by hackers is Phishing . As we know it is to send a message, an email, to the victim to get their attention and steal passwords and access credentials. They usually use alert messages, a prize or anything that really makes the user enter the link.

The point is that those links lead to sites that have been created to attack. They pretend to be a legitimate page where the victim logs in, but in reality that data goes to a server controlled by hackers.

Malicious Attachments

Also closely related to email is the technique of malicious attachments . Cyber criminals can send an email with something attractive to instruct the victim to download or open a file they have attached. It can be a text document, an image, a PDF …

When the victim opens or downloads that malicious attachment, his computer is infected. This is something that cybercriminals use a lot and you have to take maximum care. We must always use common sense.

Cookie theft

Browser attacks are very frequent. We talk about the theft of cookies , injecting malicious code to redirect us to pages that could be a danger, strain false extensions, etc. Theft of cookies is widely used to obtain information and data from users. One more way for hackers to profit from the network.

We already know that today our information on the Internet has great value. Many marketing companies look for ways to get that data to get us into spam campaigns, send targeted ads or even sell them to third parties.


This is another hacking technique that can be used to steal our passwords. As we know the objective in this case is to steal our passwords once again. We get a malicious software called keylogger and it has the function of recording all the keystrokes we make. That way they could collect the passwords and credentials and access our accounts.

Keyloggers are very present on mobile devices, but also on desktop computers. We must have security tools that help us avoid these threats.

DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are also widely used by cyber criminals in the network. They use them to carry out denial of services. They can block the proper functioning of the systems and make them inoperative.

More and more attack IoT devices. As we know are all those computers that are in our homes connected to the Internet, such as a television, light bulbs, devices to play videos …

In short, these are the main techniques that hackers can use to carry out attacks on the network.

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How to protect ourselves from cyber attacks

First of all, common sense is essential. We have seen that some threats arrive after we have downloaded malicious software, opened a dangerous attachment, etc. It is vital to have common sense and avoid all this.

It will also be essential to have security tools. A good antivirus can prevent the entry of malware that puts our devices at risk. We need to have software that can protect our systems.

Finally, something equally fundamental is to keep the systems updated. Sometimes vulnerabilities arise that are exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks. We need to have the latest patches and updates installed.