Monitor Wall Mounts: Best Models, Features and Prices

Having a desk that is as tidy and comfortable as possible will increase our performance and productivity. However, not everyone has the possibility of having a large table where they can put their computer, keyboard, monitor or monitors, headphones, printer and everything we need for our day to day life. In this case, it is possible to use certain accessories that allow us to save some space or use certain peripherals with the greatest possible comfort. This is where monitor wall mounts come into play, allowing us to anchor our monitor directly to the wall without taking up space on our table.

If you have come this far, you probably have space problems on your desk or you simply want to have your work table or games more clear. In any case, one of the great solutions is to make use of these monitor wall mounts, which mean that we do not have to have the monitor itself leaning on it.

Monitor Wall Mounts: Best Models

Very cheap monitor wall mounts

There are several important details to take into account when choosing a support of this type. Of course, one is the price , since that will make us have to decide on a model that falls within our budget. Luckily, at Amazon we can find models of great features and quality at a very good price, so it is not necessary that we have a high budget.

The characteristics of the support is also something important to review. We can find wall mounts for fixed monitors, with articulated arms or that allow the monitor to be tilted sideways and up or down.

Its compatibility is essential

Now, the first thing we have to do before choosing one model or another is to check if our monitor allows us to anchor it to one of these supports. If this is the case, then we will have to take into account the size of our monitor and the distance or measurement between the holes where the support is going to be attached.

In this way, we will avoid that after buying a support, when we go to install it we realize that it is not compatible with our monitor model. That said, we are going to show an interesting compilation of monitor supports that we can find on Amazon at a very good price.


Wall mount compatible with monitors between 24 and 35 inches with articulated arm and allows full-motion adjustment. It has an ergonomic design that allows the monitor to be separated or attached to the wall, as well as to tilt it in different directions. It offers great compatibility with VESA 75×75, 100×100, 200×100 and 200×200.

Soporte para monitor HUANUO HNWSS4


Complete wall mount for monitors between 17 and 32 inches. It has an articulated arm with VESA 75, 100 and 200 support and is made of high quality and resistance material. It allows to adjust the angle of inclination and rotation of the monitor and optimize the space of our desk, since we will not have to occupy any space.

Soporte para monitor HUANUO HNWSS1


This is another of the supports for monitors and also valid for televisions between 17 and 27 inches. Ergonomic design with articulated arm that allows adjusting the inclination, height and rotation of our monitor. It is VESA 75×75 and 100×100 compliant, built with a streamlined die-cast alloy frame that offers great strength and durability, and is very easy to install.

Soporte para monitor Invision


This Eono monitor wall mount offers universal compatibility with most 10-26 inch monitors and televisions with VESA 50×50-100×100. It offers great resistance with a maximum load of up to 15 kg and allows you to adjust the angle of inclination and rotation of the monitor for correct use at all times.

Soporte para monitor Eono


Another of the monitor wall mounts is this BONTEC model. A 13-32 inch TV or monitor mount that can tilt, swivel, extend, and swivel. It offers VESA 75×75 and 100×100 compatibility and supports a weight of up to 15 kg. Its assembly is very simple and offers high durability.

Soporte para monitor BONTEC


Tilting and rotating wall mount for monitors and televisions between 13 and 42 inches in size. A model that leaves our monitor just 6 cm from the wall and that we can extend up to 19 cm. It also allows adjustment of the tilt and swivel of the monitor and is VESA 75×75, 100×100, 200×100 and 200×200 compliant. Easy to install and offers great resistance.

Soporte para monitor AISENS 9


Wall mount for monitor between 13 and 42 inches made of high-strength steel that supports up to a weight of 20 kg. It is a swivel model, extendable between 6 cm and up to 36.4 cm and that allows the angle of inclination to be adjusted in different directions depending on the installation and the available space. Very simple to install.

Soporte para monitor AISENS 11

Say saldi

Monitor wall mount with steel arm that supports a maximum weight of 10 kg. It is compatible with VESA 75 × 75, 100 × 100 and 75 × 100 and allows the monitor to be placed in the right place thanks to its articulated arm. The support is rotatable and allows the monitor to be attached to the wall at about 5 cm or to extend it to a distance of a maximum of 35 cm.

Soporte para monitor Di Saldi


In this case, it is a fixed wall mount for a monitor between 10 and 23 inches. It is a very slim metal model that supports up to 30 kg of weight and that leaves the monitor at a distance from the wall of only 1.5 cm. Ideal therefore for those who seek to optimize space to the maximum. Meets VESA 50 × 50, 75 × 75 and 100 × 100 standards.

Soporte para monitor Tooq

TM Electron

This TM Electron model is also a fixed monitor wall mount that accommodates monitors or televisions between 10 and 24 inches in size and a maximum weight of 25 kg. It is VESA 100x100mm compliant, leaves a distance between the wall and the monitor of just 1.5cm, and is a very slim design that is easy to install.

Soporte para monitor TM Electron