The Best Cases for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

There are many ways in which we can streamline the use of our tablet. When we buy one of these devices, we are usually clear that it will be an excellent multimedia center to watch movies, series or play games on a much larger screen than what a mobile offers. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is one of the best sellers and offers the best performance. However, we can always do more to enhance its functions and achieve the added productivity that we are looking for.

We are all clear that when we buy a new tablet, we must not miss the opportunity to protect it. In addition to the classic screen protector that prevents scratches, a good case is always the best option for transport. This is a world wide enough to have more than diverse options in all kinds of brands, designs or style of materials. However, within this world, a highly valued style is that of those cases that come with an integrated keyboard.

Best Cases for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

What do you want a keyboard cover for?

A tablet can be a perfect entertainment center, but no one said it couldn’t go much further. Just by putting a keyboard cover on it, we will greatly increase your productivity options . Either for a child’s homework or as a complement to our laptop, the Galaxy Tab S7 will be much more interesting if we have this option. The market is also full of these options, so we wanted to make a selection with those that we consider the best for this model.

Within the entire catalog we will find different colors, designs and even keyboard functionality. For some users, having the keyboard backlit is essential, while for others it will be totally useless. Whatever your option, all of the ones on this list have an excellent quality / price ratio.


Cases + keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung Galaxy Tab, Keyboard Cover

This is the official Samsung keyboard cover for this tablet. By that we mean two things. The first is that it adapts perfectly to the product and we have a great quality keyboard. On the contrary, it must be borne in mind that it is the most expensive product on the list, since it is before the official. However, we have the Samsung logo and great quality, something that is appreciated over time and that is a safe bet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Keyboard

Jelly Comb Case

A great protective case for the Galaxy Tab S7 that includes a keyboard. Thanks to its design, it protects the tablet from scratches and falls. But what we like the most is that it includes a seven-color backlit Bluetooth keyboard. It has a built-in 650mAh rechargeable battery and can run for 220 hours without a backlight or 6 hours with a backlight. Its waiting time is 800 hours.

Jelly Comb Funda

ProCase Keyboard Case

Another great option is this Wireless Keyboard Case from Pro Case. It has a magnetic mounting system, to easily install and remove the keyboard. It also has three dents on the lid to support the tablet at three viewing angles in landscape mode. The keyboard is only 7mm thick, with well-spaced keys, and a spring mechanism for excellent response.

ProCase Funda


In this case we have an elegant case with a very quiet keyboard. The keyboard offers a 7-color backlight and 3 levels of brightness, which is ideal for typing at night. It is attached to the case by a magnet, so the location of the keyboard can be easily removed or adjusted. Its built-in rechargeable battery is 280 mAh and it can run for 500 hours without backlight or 3 hours with backlight on.



A case that offers a super slim design but provides maximum protection with minimal bulk. It has an adjustable stand keeps the Galaxy Tab S7 safely in landscape mode . It integrates a really resistant Spanish keyboard in laptop style with superior quality ABS material. It has a spring mechanism under each key to ensure a tactile response with each hit and thus be able to write faster and with fewer errors.


IVSO with Spanish keyboard

Another excellent quality keyboard cover, which becomes a perfect option for business trips, travel or to make a gift . The case protects perfectly, while the integrated keyboard offers a working time of up to 60 hours without interruption. The recharging time is only 3 hours.

IVSO Español Ñ Teclado

IVSO Backlit

We can also protect the Galaxy Tab S7 with this case that integrates a spectacular backlit keyboard. This keyboard offers no less than seven different colors and three levels of brightness to be able to combine freely. Thanks to its integrated battery, it can go up to 60 hours without charging, so it is more than enough for several working days.

IVSO Backlit

YingStar Case

An all-in-one with this Wireless Keyboard + Stand + Carrying Case. The keyboard is very slim and is made of high-quality ABS material. It has a great tactile response and how could it be otherwise, it perfectly protects from possible accidental drops and bumps. By having the keyboard connected we can work anywhere with a tenth of the weight of a laptop.

YingStar Funda

Faux leather case with LED backlight

This sleeve allows you to convert the tablet into a laptop effortlessly, thanks to a high quality keyboard. Most importantly, it offers complete protection with scratch and splash resistance. This keyboard is also backlit and offers a host of options with three levels of brightness. If the light is not used, it can grant 300 hours of uninterrupted operation.

funda de piel sintética

IVEOPPE keyboard

The tablet will be more than protected with this cover. But since what concerns us is that it also has a keyboard, it does not disappoint since it integrates a built-in 280 mAh rechargeable battery. This means it can work 500 hours without backlight or 3 hours with backlight on . It has a well-spaced notebook-like design and hotkeys that can improve control and ease of use.

IVEOPPE teclado