Mobile phones with curved or flat screens: the pros and cons

Among all the elements that we must look at before buying a mobile, we find the screen as one of the most important. Above all, we must pay attention to buying a model with a flat or curved screen , which can drastically mark our experience with the smartphone and make us satisfied or disappointed.

In recent years, the option of opting for a curved phone or a more traditional one has become a big question, and no wonder, given everything that changes between one and the other. That is why we want to help you and let you know the reasons why you should buy one style or the other, depending on what you prefer.

Mobile phones with curved or flat screens

The best and worst of the curves on the screen

First of all, we are going to notice it as soon as we hold it in our hand, a mobile with a curved screen is the most comfortable thing that exists . Here, therefore, we find a handicap in its favor, something that we will not be able to enjoy in smartphones that have a flat panel. This good sensation extends beyond the hand, since we are also going to enjoy it through the eyes. Whether you like to watch series, movies or social networks, you will enjoy it much more in these panels.

Galaxy S22 Ultra diseño

In the past we could also have mentioned screen technology, although in recent times other flat panels have also proven to be a great option to show us colours, brightness and high contrasts. Passing the negative aspects of the curves we find the cost of the repair. Fixing these panels can be a big outlay, which contrasts with the low prices of flat screens.

Flat screens: love and disappointment in equal parts

Regarding flat screens, we can say many things that most users already know, since it is the most popular type of option in the world. We find it not only in mobile phones, but also in tablets, watches and practically everything that can be used with the fingers. This means that we are more or less skilled with technology, we can use the panel without any complications. That is why older people, but also young people, tend to feel very attracted to them.

Flat screens also have a point in their favor, since smartphones of this style are cheaper , although the image and quality may be the same as the rest. Contrary to what happened before, if the panel breaks, we will be able to repair it for a very low price.

Xiaomi 12T Pro

But not everything is a path of roses, since you also have to pull your ears to this option that can limit us a lot on a day-to-day basis. If we want to drag items from one end of the screen to the other, we may be limited . When viewing content on these, there will also be situations where we don’t get that amazing feeling that we got on curved panels. And on the aesthetic point, we must say that the frames are usually less rushed, giving the feeling of having a slightly more outdated phone.

The decision is complicated

As you can see, it is not easy at all to decide on one alternative or the other. For this reason, always as far as possible, we recommend that you try a flat screen and a curved screen with your own hand. Based on our own experience, we must say that after several days using curved panels, we end up adapting and it is the option that we will want to continue using for many years, yes, a slight curve, since if it is too pronounced it can end up having many more drawbacks and making the terminal notably fragile.