How to delete everything Facebook knows about you

Despite the widespread use that we currently make as a general rule of the different social platforms, privacy and security are still very important. Not all alternatives of this type that we use on a daily basis take care of us in this regard. But we must also take certain measures, as is the case with the popular Facebook , as we will see below.

In this specific case we are referring to one of the most used and well-known social networks out there. There it remains despite the new platforms that have emerged over the years and have been successful. It could be considered one of the great benchmarks in the sector, although what has been said about privacy and security is not its strong point. In fact, over time, millions of Facebook users have abandoned the platform for precisely this reason.

delete everything Facebook knows about you

At this moment, this online service is used both on a personal, professional and advertising level. But we must also take into account that the platform offers customizable parameters that allow us to take care of our privacy . This is precisely the case on which we want to focus now. And it is necessary to keep in mind that Facebook stores almost everything we do within the Zuckerberg service. In case you don’t know, every time we click on a link, watch a video, do a search or comment on something, among other things, all of this is stored.

This means that Facebook itself is aware of those movements that we have carried out for its own use. At the same time, in the event that someone accesses our personal account, for whatever reason, they will be able to see everything we have done on the platform over time.

Delete everything Facebook knows about you

However, at this point it is also important to know that we have the possibility of doing a deep cleaning of all that stored data. This will allow us to customize the privacy levels of the platform, since we can carry out this cleaning by categories or modes of use. For all this, for example, we can access the web version of Facebook from where we are going to configure this section.

In this way, once we have authenticated ourselves with our credentials in the social network, in the upper right corner we find our profile picture. To perform these tasks that we are discussing, we will have to click on it and select the Settings and privacy option from the drop-down list. Again it will appear in another series of categories and the one that interests us in this case is the one that says Activity record .

actividad Facebook

This is precisely where we are going to find the different sections that we have mentioned before and that Facebook has stored automatically. In this way we only have to display each of the lists corresponding to the categories in order to take a look at our movements over time. In addition, all these actions that have been saved change offer us the date on which we carry them out.

Arriving at this, it is interesting to know that next to each one of them we find a button represented by 3 horizontal points that allow us to eliminate them independently. But we also have the possibility of cleaning all these entries in each of the categories.

privacidad Facebook