Mobile notification LED: what models do they have and alternatives

It certainly looks like a holdover from the past, the notification LED . In other times, as many of you will remember, it was practically an essential element of any mobile. But, this has practically disappeared from all the smartphones in which we normally found it.

However, it is something that, whether we like it or not, has a fairly simple explanation, which has to do mainly with the terminal screens. The notification LED was never a feature that we could boast of in a phone, because we assumed that it should have it, as it is a component widely accepted by smartphone manufacturers. Although, we have precisely experienced the reverse process, that of its gradual disappearance.

Mobile notification LED

That is why it is time to see which mobiles still maintain this small LED on their screens , as well as other alternatives that may allow us to recover it to a certain extent.

sometimes we miss it

The notification LED has been present in smartphones for many years, and has been an extremely popular element among users. And it is that thanks to him we could know what type of notifications we had received, even with the mobile at a certain distance and in total silence. Basically, because on some smartphones we could even customize it so that it changed color depending on the message we had received or even depending on the person who had spoken to us.

LED notificaciones móvil

As we were saying, it changed its color based on the notifications received, and its operation could also be completely modified. In fact, in Android, in addition to the different software layers, we found specific settings for this mobile LED in order to customize its use so that it would be even more useful than it was standard. But, there is something that has surpassed this functionality, and that we have chosen en masse: the growth of the phone screen.

Borderless screens, the beginning of their end

It is curious, because as such there has been no clear substitute or heir to this technology in mobiles. Speaking from personal experience, my last phone with notification LEDs was the Sony Xperia XZ Premium that I bought back in 2018. Even then it was a phone with a form factor that was quite out of step with its competition. And there we can find the explanation of why they have practically disappeared in all phones. And that phone still had a traditional design, with large borders at the top and bottom of the screen.

led notificaciones movil

Logically, this gave a large space to the manufacturer to place this small tool. But that no longer happens, most brands choose to offer us a phone in which the front is almost all screen , occupying more than 90% of the front in many cases. Logically with this factor, it is practically impossible for the company to integrate a notification LED , although there are cases in which they have been introduced.

Also, there have been other factors that have invited you to get rid of this component. Like the notches or camera holes, which have also served to notify us of new events when the phone is locked. Especially when it comes to OLED or AMOLED screens, which can display graphics with lower energy consumption.

The notification LED is missed, but not so much as to prefer to have a screen that occupies the entire front of the terminal and has practically no borders. That is what has buried this component, the evolution of the screens, which has prevailed over everything else. Something that we celebrate because it has brought us much better phones at very affordable prices, despite having to forget forever, or at least for now, about this great friend.

Mobiles with LED notifications

This small component of smartphones began to disappear a few years ago, and as we have just seen, all because of the evolution of touch panels on terminals. So can you find phones with notification LEDs? The answer is yes, but they will not be new.

Manufacturers have been developing other alternatives such as luminous edges , the use of the phone’s flash to be used as notification LEDs, Always on Display, in addition to other functions. But, as such, we will not find it. To distinguish if you have it or not will be as easy as looking for a phone with a frame. No matter how fine it is, we will find it next to, or very close to, the terminal’s selfie camera. Although, for a time we could see how some brands like Xiaomi included this component together with the front speaker, as it did in the MI 10 T. Of course, its size was much smaller than in other generations.

led notificaciones huawei

However, if we only find a notch in the center of the screen, or on one of its sides, we must forget that it is included within the characteristics of the terminal. Some of the latest models to have this component were the Galaxy S9, Redmi Note 9S or the Huawei Mate 20, among other older models.

What alternatives exist?

The easiest way to get back the classic notification LED , if you don’t want to use OPPO‘s luminous edges, Samsung‘s EDGE screen or the Always on Display function, is to download an app from Google Play that returns this feature to a certain extent. . In some cases we can make the front sensor for mobile selfies light up or a small point of light appears at the top of the device panel. The main drawback is that NotifyBuddy will only work on phones with an AMOLED display .

añadir led notificaciones movil

Once installed, we must grant it a series of permissions: Notification and Overlay. From there, you can now choose which apps you want to show this LED. Also, if you click on the gear icon, you will enter all the settings that you can configure. However, some will be paid.

And if in your case this application has not convinced you too much, you can also try Notification light. You can also download it for free from the Play Store, since it will help you put a notification LED on your mobile. Once inside, you will have to grant it the same permissions as with the previous app: