The mobile camera take so long to take photos and how to fix it

We live at full speed and we do not like to wait even when the camera of our mobile phone decides to take several seconds to take the snapshot. Something that forces us to have more patience than desired, when there are times when the perfect landscape only lasts for a few seconds.

In case you are facing the problem of slow photos with your mobile , pay attention to everything that we are going to explain to you. There are solutions to avoid it, but above all it is essential to know why this happens, which will lead us many times to the ideal solution.

The mobile camera take so long to take photos

Slow photos on mobile: why it happens and how to fix it

We will start by knowing the causes that cause our mobile to take so long to take the photo. Along with this we are going to give you a series of tips with which to get this to stop affecting us so much and some other trick with which to save a few seconds that can be important to immortalize what we want.

Focus time is the culprit

Although the evolution of camera technology has progressed by leaps and bounds, today we still find ourselves in some smaller range smartphones with the focus failure . To get the best result, the camera needs to know the depth and that can be easier or more difficult depending on the situation to which we expose the camera. The more light, the easier it will be to find the ideal focus to get a sharp photo at fast speed, otherwise we can wait and wait.

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In this case, there are few solutions in this regard beyond activating manual focus, touching an area of the screen by ourselves and trusting that this way you do not have to process everything on the other side of the phone. In higher-end smartphones that have laser focus, this is much faster and we could say that it is almost instantaneous without having to resort to any calculation or depending on light.

Using the flash slows down the times

No matter how fast our mobile is, if we have the flash activated, we will have to wait somewhat longer . This is because the camera must square the light, with the scene and in turn with the moment in which it will capture the shot. It will be just a few seconds, but this may seem like an eternity next to taking the photos in broad daylight

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HDR and night mode take time

There are modes that inevitably require more processing time to improve the result, including HDR that combines several images with different explosions to collect more information. Something similar happens with the night mode, which simulates a prolonged image for a much longer time to see what will be impossible to see through the mobile with a traditional photo.

The mobile battery limits the camera

All mobiles have a battery saving system that in many cases is activated automatically when a limit is exceeded, this is usually below 20%. With this change, our smartphone enters a state of calm, where it closes the processes in the background faster.

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This can cause the mobile camera to take longer to open, focus and take the photo . The only thing that will have to be done to solve it is to always have it charged, especially if we plan to immortalize many memories.

Always use the native camera app

As much as other applications promise us great results, they can never give us the speed of focus and shooting that allows us to get the camera that comes by default on the smartphone. The software has been worked together with this app and our mobile camera, making sure that we always obtain the best result and without errors that prevent us from taking the photo we want.

This can also be extended to social networks such as Instagram that integrate their own camera and that on Android especially will be much worse.

Memory is filling up

If our mobile has already given us the notice through a notification that we have little free space left, we can be sure that the reason that leads the camera to be much slower is this. Otherwise, we can check it by going into Settings> Storage, if we have less than 2 GB available, it will be time to start thinking about moving the photos to another device or cleaning.

A saturated memory becomes the biggest problem when taking photos, since the terminal must locate available space to save the photos and it requires more time to do so.

A software problem in the camera

We can also think of system-related failures when the waiting time to get the picture taken has nothing to do with the flash, camera modes, low battery or memory. In this case, what we will have to do is check in Settings> System> Updates if we have any news waiting to be installed and that could solve this failure. Otherwise, what we will do is reset the camera, which will return the camera to the original state without erasing the data or memory of the mobile:

restablecer cámara xiaomi

  • We enter the mobile settings.
  • We go to the applications.
  • We select system applications.
  • We played on the camera.
  • Then choose storage.
  • Finally we clear the cache and storage data.
  • Another way to do it is from Camera> Settings> Restore default settings.

The trick to taking photos instantly

If we are wanting to end the slow photos on our mobile, beyond the solutions to the problems that we have seen, we can choose to use a trick present in several Android phones. This gives us the possibility of accessing the camera without even having to unlock the mobile, which saves us intermediate steps until we reach the camera . Then the response time to take the photo may be longer, but we will have saved valuable time.

abrir camara android rapido

Within the Camera Settings of our Samsung or Huawei mobile we will find the option to activate the camera quickly. But within the OnePlus, Xiaomi and Android Stock system settings, we can also use the search engine to get to the option that will open the camera quickly. Then we will only have to use the volume down or unlock button twice and we will have the camera at your disposal.