3 ways to kill without weapons in PUBG Mobile

Sometimes it may be the case that as soon as we fall from the plane we are not aware of precisely at that moment on the screen or we simply still do not know the best areas to loot in PUBG Mobile . For this reason, it may be that when the time comes we will have to face another player and that we do not have a single bullet in our inventory to be able to fight.

However, in this Battle Royale there are different methods, each more original, to be able to kill the rest of the players without even having to use a weapon. Of course, we will have to be quite agile with our movements, and have the strategy well prepared in some cases. Although, in others, it will also be a bit of luck. Therefore, these will be the three ways that you can use to kill in PUBG if you do not have weapons or simply do not want to make noise by shooting.

3 ways to kill without weapons in PUBG Mobile

Kill them all without using weapons

In the video game there are different vehicles that we can use at a particular moment. However, many times they are not recommended, since their sound will alert the rest of the players who are more or less close to your area. However, at certain times it will be a great ally, even to win the game. Although it will not be the only route that we present below.

Run over a player

One of the strengths of the vehicles is that, if we find someone in the middle of an esplanade, without any type of cover to hide in, we can use them to run over the rival and thus gain a fairly simple loss. Of course, we will have to be agile at the wheel, because they could avoid us if they have experience in PUBG Mobile . But, as we said, keep in mind that the noise of the vehicle will alert others. And in order not to fail miserably, it is best to use a car.

Coche PUBG Mobile

No bullets? Use the punches

As soon as we fall from the launch plane, it may be the case that we fall in an area where there is not a single weapon . As weird as it sounds, it can happen to us. For this reason, we will have to be skillful with punches. And it is that at any moment a rival may come for us in the same way or, even, have taken away the weapon that we had visualized in the face. So if so, and we are close to him, it will be the best time to attack.

Use a car as bait

Another of the best things we can do in this Battle Royale is to use any type of vehicle as bait. And it is that, having to walk through such a wide map, the truth is that there are many users who resort to these in order to avoid having to walk long distances. Therefore, if we see any player in the distance and we want to finish him off, the best thing is to go around, leave the vehicle and hide to be able to catch him by surprise. Although, another very simple way, but in which we will have to know how to wait, will be to leave the car near the building where we are and wait for our opportunity. Some players will even go looking for you inside the building when they see a vehicle at the door.