MIUI 13 Will Make It Possible that Low-end Mobiles Do not Exist

MIUI 13 Will Make It Possible that Low-end Mobiles Do not Exist

Once again the differences that exist between the ranges of smartphones could be closer and closer to disappearing. One of them, for example, is the RAM memory that each mobile device has, being more and more superior the greater the range of the smartphone itself. However, Xiaomi will introduce with MIUI 13 the possibility that we can expand it on their phones.

This means that we are facing an important change that will affect each and every one of the mobile devices that update to this version of the Chinese firm’s system. Therefore, we will not only enjoy important interface changes in this customization layer, but we will also enjoy an extra functionality that will allow us to easily expand it without having to install any type of third-party app.

More RAM for all Xiaomi phones

The Chinese firm will introduce a technology that will allow us to expand this memory if we have MIUI 13 on our smartphone. That is, we just have this version, since it has to be officially released first, we can expand the RAM of the terminal by up to 3 GB more. And all thanks to the fact that the company will make use of virtual RAM to be able to offer us this advantage in each of its terminals.

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A novelty that, in recent weeks, has been gaining much more strength, as the brand has been implementing this technology in some of its terminals. As was the case, at the beginning of July, with the arrival of this type of memory expansion to the Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G . However, as of MIUI 13 it will be common in all its smartphones.

And as it happened in other situations, this option will be within the company’s own software layer settings. In them, we will find a section in which we will only have to activate a single button to start having up to 3 GB more of RAM . However, we must not forget that this expansion is possible thanks to the fact that it will use the internal storage that we have available in our terminal.

Therefore, if we have little internal memory, its use will not be recommended. Even so, we are facing a function that will improve the user experience on any mobile. So, despite the fact that we have a high-end mobile with little RAM, we will achieve greater performance and fluidity in our device in a simple way that will not be complicated to activate.