MIUI 12, what hides its new front camera assistant

MIUI 12, what hides its new front camera assistant

Without a doubt, it is something that few mobile users resist, to download a new update that can provide them with more functions for their terminal. That is precisely what is happening now with some Xiaomi phones, which are seeing how they are updated in MIUI 12 with a new functionality, a front camera assistant.

The Chinese firm continues to work on MIUI 12 while waiting for version 13, which is undoubtedly going to become the most desired in the history of the brand, with the long delay that it already has on what should have been its date of release. initial release. While you have to be content with functions like this. And is that Xiaomi is not only working on solving all the problems of MIUI 12, but also on different news.

New mode for the front camera

A few hours ago we knew thanks to a popular Telegram channel that some Xiaomi phones were being updated with a new functionality for their front camera.

This new mode is called something like “Front Camera Assistant” and logically it is activated and works when we use it for a selfie or video call . This basically consists of two functionalities that improve our experience with the front camera when we need to use it.

How do you improve the experience with this camera?

Basically this new mode comes with two functionalities, which have in common that they are activated when we open the front camera, hence they become an assistant. One of them is precisely called this mode “Front Camera Assistant” and what it does is increase the brightness of the screen so that it appears more illuminated and detailed when we go to take a picture, a selfie of any kind. Therefore it is a way to use the screen with a flash to offer more detailed images.

MIUI 12 asistente camara

On the other hand, there is a second functionality that is also activated when this model is used. And it is the beauty mode for video calls . In this way without having to do anything, when we start a video call we will appear with a completely stylized face, without any wrinkles, spots or protruding pimples. The best thing is that it is activated automatically, so we will not have to wait to do it when we start a video call, and we will always appear glowing.

However, there is the possibility of activating this mode totally or partially . Because for example we can choose that the increase in brightness is preserved, while we deactivate the beauty mode. And vice versa, we can choose to only activate the beauty mode, and on the contrary, not to increase the brightness of the screen. As you can see, it is a way that somehow improves the experience with the front camera, although it is not in a revolutionary way. It seems more like a base for this mode to roll out, while new modes are added in the future. At the moment we will still have to wait a few weeks or months for this function to reach the stable versions of MIUI. Definitely a feature that will help fix some of your camera problems.