Minecraft RTX: Requirements and How to Download Beta with Ray Tracing Support

As seen in some demos, the graphical shift from Minecraft to RTX is another story. But the best thing is that you can already forget to watch other people’s videos and see for yourself how the experience changes. The beta version is available for download and is a before and after. Of course, you will need a fairly solvent machine.

Minecraft RTX is another story

minecraft rtx

The new beta version of Minecraft RTX is now available to everyone and you just have to click on this link to access it. But first, what do you need to be able to run this new version of the popular block game. Let’s see it.

The first thing is to have an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 or higher graphics. That is the fundamental thing, then there is the issue of having a processor and sufficient RAM, but it is understood that if you have such a graph the rest of the components will go hand in hand.

With all the hardware ready to run, you have to download the application that gives access to Xbox Insider HUB (patience if you don’t download the first time), which you can find in the Microsoft application store. When you’re connected to Insider, watch Minecraft Beta and download it.

Explore mind-blowing worlds with ray tracing, like ‘Of Temples and Totems’ created by Razzleberries in @Minecraft with #RTX . Beta now available. pic.twitter.com/Sqb6LFZGrT

NVIDIA GeForce ES (@NVIDIAGeForceES) April 16, 2020

Done, you can now enjoy and see how the game and the experience itself changes once you access it. Of course, if there are any bugs or hangs, calm down, because we are talking about a beta.

The RTX gaming experience

The video above what you see is the classic demo that Nvidia had already shared on more than one occasion. It serves perfectly to get the idea, but from the comments of those who have played live: you have to try it in person, because that is when you realize it is spectacular. Something that surely is so, and that Minecraft is not that it is a graphic that in its “normal version” dazzles by the quality of the graphics. After all, they are still blocks.

However, with the change in lighting everything changes. The volume that is gained and the details make it a much richer experience. Although this also implies accepting certain commitments such as the reduction in the number of frames per second at which they are played.

Minecraft RTX

The difference in fps between playing traditionally or activating RTX is important. In some cases, it dropped from about 144 fps to about 40 fps. Therefore, you have to assess what interests you the most. The good thing is that even being about 40 fps, what you get is still a sufficient rate for a smooth and playable experience.

Anyway, since it can be switched on and off quickly while you play, you can alternate. So if you have the necessary equipment to run it, go ahead. And to give it a little more value, six specially designed worlds have been created to make these enhanced graphics shine even more. To access them you will also have to download them from the Microsoft Marketplace.