How is Minecraft mobile (Bedrock) different from Minecraft Java?

Minecraft is the history of video games . Despite its apparent simplicity, the installment of Mojang is one of the titles that more players have gathered since its launch. In fact, although several years have passed since its arrival, it continues to enjoy a good flow of users thanks to its constant updates.

At first it could only be played from a computer, but later it was released on the main consoles. However, both versions are completely different. The first one is Minecraft Java, while the second one is Minecraft Bedrock . The latter is what we can enjoy on our mobile phones , but what are the differences between the two?

How is Minecraft mobile (Bedrock) different from Minecraft Java

Weapons without coltdown

In case you did not know, the different weapons that you can use melee in Minecraft Java have coltdown. This term means that it has a short recharge time . This means that if we hit the enemy by letting a few seconds pass in between, we will cause more damage .

Zombie Minecraft

In the mobile version this element does not make an appearance, so you can hit the monsters that you find on your way without worrying about the damage you cause.

More powerful wither

On another occasion we were already talking about this powerful adversary. If the Wither is already difficult to eliminate under normal circumstances, in Minecraft Bedrock it is even more difficult.

This is because he can summon multiple Wither Skeletons during battle. Which means that we will not only have to be aware of our main enemy, but also of these creatures that will put us in serious trouble if we are not well equipped.

No mods

This is one of the main disadvantages of the version for smartphones, which does not allow to integrate any type of mod. Mods provide the ability to introduce new elements into the game, whether they are crafting items or textures to improve the graphics.

Mod Pixelmon

The range of options provided by this feature is unparalleled . The basic structure of Minecraft can be modified to such an extent that it can seem like a completely different video game. You can even play a version of Pokémon.

Cross game

Obviously, Minecraft Java does not allow cross-play with consoles . Mainly because both versions are different, this means that you can only play with Windows, Linux or macOS users.

On the other hand, if you have Minecraft Bedrock, the multiplayer support is much broader, since you can play with friends who are on other platforms on both PlayStation and Xbox.