Microsoft PowerToys 0.27 – What’s New and Download

The PowerToys were a set of tools released in the Windows 95 era in order to make it easier for users to perform certain tasks in the operating system. For years this toolkit was missing and forgotten by both Microsoft and users. However, Microsoft recently resurrected the project, made it open source and has created a set of very useful tools, of all kinds, that cannot be missing in Windows 10 for any user who wants to take their productivity to a new level.

The new Microsoft PowerToys offer us a lot of different tools. Among them we can highlight:

Microsoft PowerToys 0.27

  • Color picker : a tool with which to select any color that appears on the PC screen.
  • Sophisticated layouts: allows you to create virtual window layouts where you can place each of your open windows, improving productivity on large screens and dual monitor configurations.
  • File Explorer : allows us to enable certain functions in the file explorer.
  • Image resizing: a tool to automatically resize images.
  • Keyboard manager : allows us to reassign keys and shortcuts on the PC.
  • Advanced Renaming – A very advanced batch file renamer.
  • PowerToys Launcher – An advanced file and program finder.
  • Keyboard shortcut guide : allows us to see the main PC keyboard shortcuts.

Microsoft is constantly updating this toolkit from its repository on GitHub. And, although it is preparing the most interesting news and improvements, which will arrive in the near future, the new version 0.27 arrives as an important maintenance update full of necessary fixes.

What’s new in PowerToys 0.27

This new version of Microsoft’s PowerToys comes with a couple of new features and a series of bugs and bugs that have been solved that will allow us to get the most out of these tools. First of all, what strikes us the most are the general changes:

  • Installer improvements , including dark mode.
  • Accessibility improvements and fixes.
  • The localization of the program and its tools have been worked on.

In addition, a series of improvements and corrections have been applied to the main tools that make up these PowerToys:

  • Color Picker
    • You now have a new interface and a new editor.
  • FancyZones
    • New support for multiple monitors.
    • Fixed the bug that caused manually created zones to be randomly deleted.
    • Added the possibility of not having a defined layout.
  • Image Resizer
    • Updated interface.
  • Run
    • Eliminated unnecessary dependencies.
  • PowerRename
    • Added support for Lookbehind.

There is a tool highly anticipated by users that will allow us to control video calls and, among other things, activate or deactivate the microphone with a click. This utility was tested a long time ago, but Microsoft felt that it was not sufficiently debugged and temporarily removed it until it was improved. The company has indicated that this new tool will definitely see the light of day with the release of version 0.28, a version that will arrive by the end of the year.

Download PowerToys 0.27

This new version of the Microsoft utilities can be downloaded for freefrom the following link .

Users who already have an older version of this set of tools and utilities installed will be able to see a notification that will indicate the availability of this new version so that they can update to it with a couple of clicks directly, without having to download anything. In addition, from its configuration panel we can search for new versions to know if we are up to date or not.

PowerToys 0.27

Without a doubt, a must-have set of tools for all users who want to take Windows 10 productivity to a new level.