Microsoft Improves Office 365 Security and Protects Us from Attacks

Everything related to security when working with our computer equipment is something that increasingly worries us. The main reason for this is that we work with data on many sensitive and personal occasions that we do not want to fall into the wrong hands. Aware of all this, Microsoft has now included a new security feature in its Office 365 suite.

Surely many of you already know first-hand that the software giant pays special attention to this whole issue. It could not be otherwise that the Redmond firm paid special care to its hundreds of millions of Windows and Office users, among other platforms. In addition, this is something that, as with the rest of the software developers, they have to update every so often. In this way, what they achieve is to adapt to the most current dangers and the most recent vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Improves Office 365 Security and Protects Us from Attacks

We tell you all this because right now Microsoft is updating Defender for Office 365 in order to protect its clients from the suite. Specifically, it wants to focus on threats embedded in email while previewing quarantined messages.

Microsoft improves security in Office 365

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 , formerly Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, out of the box provides protection for email accounts. Multiple threats are included here, including email and phishing. But as we mentioned before, this section of security has to continue to improve over time. That is why the update that will be released soon is designed to limit the exposure of users to unwanted or malicious content.

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Additional security controls will be added to block threats that could reach us through the email service. It is worth mentioning that this novelty blocks the tracking of common email clients. At the same time, it prevents attackers from knowing that a target has uploaded an image or other content attached to a message . As the signature communicates, the way users preview quarantined messages is changing.

Office 365 will block email attachments in quarantine

All of this is done to provide additional security against attachment threats. Thus, with this change, some components of the quarantined messages will be distorted and will not be displayed by default. Therefore, to see the complete content of the message, users will have to click on see the complete message . Thus, Microsoft Defender for Office 365 blocks threats from quarantined email.

To all this, we must add that the assured preview of quarantined emails will also add other functions. This new quarantine management will make it easier for administrators and end users to classify emails .

In turn, Microsoft also plans to add other improvements in this regard in the coming months. We can highlight the spam alert for the end user, or the mass release of emails for administrators. Additionally, earlier this year the firm announced that Defender for Office 365 would make it easier to identify users and domains targeted by phishing attacks.