Microscopic Look: 5 Phones That Take Good Macro Photos

5 Phones That Take Good Macro Photos

Today the photography from our smartphone is very different from that of a few years ago. Without being professional users, those who seek the highest image quality and for whom a professional camera is irreplaceable, we can get great shots with a team that accompanies us everywhere. And a clear example of this is the topic we are talking about today. These are 5 phones that we can buy today that take good photos in macro mode .

iPhone 13: the first macro of the apple

The first one we want to talk to you about will surely ring a bell, since it was launched very recently. It is about the new family of iPhone 13 that Apple launched in 2021. Specifically, speaking of the photographic section of these phones, the differences of the 4 models that exist are in the telephoto lens. Therefore, from the Pro Max model to the mini they have:

  • 12 MP main sensor , with f / 1.6 aperture and 26 mm focal length.
  • 12 MP ultra-wide-angle sensor , with f / 2.4 aperture, 120º angle of view and 12 mm focal length.

And then the Pro and Pro Max models also include:

  • 12 MP telephoto sensor , with f / 2.8 aperture, 3x optical zoom and 77 mm focal length.

Given the settings of all the family members you may be wondering, and where is the macro sensor then? Well, in the case of these iPhones, we can take such photos thanks to the construction of the ultra-wide-angle sensor. Therefore, we can use this mode with any of the 4 available iPhone 13 models.

As soon as we have the camera app open and we get very close to any object (up to 2 cm) the phone will automatically switch to macro mode. This mode, if we have the right light conditions and we have a little patience to “get the hang of it” will allow us to capture good quality images like those that Apple itself showed us in its presentation.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

On the other hand, we have the king of mobile photography so far within the Chinese manufacturer’s catalog. The name of this smartphone is Mi 11 Ultra and, in this section, we find the following configuration:

  • 50 MP angular sensor , with focal length f / 1.95, focal length 24 mm, with optical stabilization and dual pixel.
  • 48 MP wide-angle sensor , with f / 2.2 focal length, 12 mm focal length, 128º field of view and phase detection autofocus.
  • 48 MP telephoto sensor , 120 mm focal length, with x5 optical zoom, x10 hybrid and digital zoom up to x120 increases. This sensor also features optical image stabilization and phase detection focusing.

In the case of this Mi 11 Ultra, opt for the best option that we have found in Android phones for macro photography: a hybrid telemacro sensor . This, thanks to its construction and possibilities, will allow us to get close enough to any object to make good captures if the light conditions are good.

Oppo Find X3 Pro: microscopic details

The manufacturer OPPO always bet on innovation and, in the case of the Oppo Find X3 Pro, they proved it again. The photographic section was left with the following lens system:

  • 50 MP main sensor , 26 mm focal length, f / 1.8 focal length with OIS
  • 50 MP ultra-wide-angle sensor , 16mm focal length, 110º change of vision and f / 2.2 focal length
  • Telephoto sensor of 13 MP, focal length 52 mm, focal length f2.4 with option of hybrid zoom of 5X and digital up to 20X
  • 3 MP sensor with microscopic lens with f3.0 aperture

On this occasion, OPPO surprised us with a dedicated sensor that not only allows us to take macro but also microscopic photography. Something super surprising talking about a mobile phone and what we talk about in its video analysis.

POCO F2 Pro: the most economical macro

A fairly inexpensive option within the options that makes good macro photographs is the POCO F2 Pro . A phone whose photographic section incorporated:

  • 64 MP main sensor , with focal length f / 1.9 and focal length of 26 mm.
  • 13 MP ultra-wide-angle sensor , with f / 2.4 focal length and 123º field of view.
  • 5 MP telemacro sensor , with f / 2.2 focal length and 50 mm focal length.
  • 2 MP depth sensor , with f / 2.4 focal length.

Once again, this POCO F2 Pro opted for that configuration of combining the telephoto lens with a macro mode that allowed us to take very good shots. If you want to see some of its results, you can take a look at the video we made on our YouTube channel in which, in addition, we show you some interesting tips to improve this type of photograph.

Realme GT Explorer Edition

Last but not least, another more current phone option with good macro photography is the Realme GT Explorer Edition . Speaking of the set of cameras on the back, we find:

  • 50 MP main sensor , with focal length f / 1.9 and focal length of 24 mm.
  • 16 MP ultra wide-angle sensor , with f / 2.2 focal length, 14 mm focal length and 123º field of view.
  • 2 MP macro sensor , with f / 2.4 focal length.

On this occasion, the manufacturer actually opted for a dedicated sensor for this type of photography. With this, if the light conditions are good, we can take captures of all kinds of objects with more than correct results.

These are 5 of the best smartphones on the current market that could be interesting if you are looking for good results in macro mode. Do you miss any other phones in this compilation?