Mega leak on Twitch: what streamers earn, source code and more

Mega leak on Twitch

Very serious hack that Twitch has suffered. The video platform most used by game streamers has suffered a leak in which the source code of the platform and personal data of the users have been obtained, including what the most popular streamers earn.

The leak has taken place on 4chan . This type of data is usually sold on the Dark Web or in hacking forums, but in this case the content has ended up in a torrent published directly on 4chan this morning. The torrent occupies 126 GB , and is already being downloaded by thousands of people.

Torrent includes key Twitch information

Inside the torrent, you will find the entirety of , with all the source code and its history of changes going back to the very beginning of the platform. There are also internal AWS development kits and services used by Twitch, and all the clients, apps and programs used on mobile, desktop and consoles.

The torrent also shows all the properties that Twitch has, including IGDB and CurseForge, and even information on a Steam competitor created by Amazon Game Studios about which nothing was known. This competitor has the code name ” Vapor “, which is Steam in Spanish, so the inspiration for this new platform is clear where it comes from.

At the user level, all the payment reports of the content creators appear from 2019 to today, so the hack has occurred very recently. In fact, the payments that appear are from the same month of September, so the hack had to occur in this same month of October.

What streamers have earned in 2 years

In the payment data we find what Twitch pays directly to streamers for Twitch subscriptions and bits , where donations, sponsorships or merchandising are not included . In the following tweet from someone who has already accessed the torrent we can find who are the ones who have earned the most between August 2019 and October 2021. All this is before taxes, so the final figure is less:

Among them we find Spanish twitchers, such as Auronplay with 3 million dollars , or Ibai with 2.3 million dollars . ElRubius stands at $ 1.7 million , and Alexelcapo at $ 911,000 . In total there are more than 10,000 streamers that appear in the leaked database.

Content leakers claim they want more competition in the streaming world, and with this source code they open the door for anyone to create their platform using Twitch code. Furthermore, they claim that this is only part of everything they have obtained.

As for passwords , there are users who have analyzed the hacked data who claim that all the passwords of Twitch users are there, although they are encrypted. However, although the hash and skipping used is robust, it is advisable that you change your Twitch password in case the passwords are decrypted at some point.

Update at 17:29 : Twitch confirms the hack