Meet these 4 useful Linux systems for back to school

Teaching is increasingly linked to technology. Today it is very common to find tablets in schools from which to do exercises and follow the agenda. In addition, at home, all students should have a computer that helps them both to do their homework and work and to do research on their own. Most of the computers that we can find at home use Windows and depend on other Microsoft programs, such as Office. However, there is life beyond Windows, and Linux , even if we do not know it, can help us a lot in our school day.

Meet these 4 useful Linux systems for back to school

Can I work and study with Linux?

One of the biggest fears that we can find when using this operating system is incompatibility with the programs. We remember that there are many Windows programs, such as Word, Excel or Photoshop that are not available within the open source operating system. However, this is a fear that we must forget.

Within the Linux ecosystem we are going to find programs that can perfectly replace Microsoft’s exclusive programs. For example, in the case of Office, we can opt for the LibreOffice suite. Or in the case of Photoshop, by GIMP . In addition, there are many programs that also have web versions and that will allow us to work with them from the browser regardless of the operating system, such as Word online or Microsoft Teams.

Although Windows is used in class, we will not have problems to be able to study with Linux. And, if a very specific program does not work, we can always run it in Wine , a tool that allows us to run Windows programs on Linux. Or, if not, have a virtual machine in VirtualBox for Microsoft’s operating system.

In addition, we cannot forget that Linux works much better than Windows on less powerful computers, and that it provides us with greater security. And the latter is very important considering that, if we share USB drives to pass notes, the chances of ending up infected with malware are immense.

Best distros for students

Now, which Linux is better to study? Although the possibilities are immense, we are going to see what we consider most interesting in this area.


Ubuntu 21 04

Of course, we can’t start the list better than talking about the best-known distro of all: Ubuntu . This is the most popular Linux-based operating system, offering us a perfect balance between ease of use and Linux experience. Ubuntu, in addition to having a very nice desktop, is very easy to work with, especially if we have already taken our first steps within this ecosystem before.

We can download Ubuntu from this link .

Zorin OS

Zorin OS interfaz

This is one of the distributions that is gaining the most popularity lately. Zorin OS offers us an interface that mixes the best of Windows with the best of macOS, obtaining a robust operating system that is easy to use and very intuitive. It comes standard with a wide variety of programs, although we can install the ones we want, either from your store or through the terminal.

We can download Zorin OS from here .

Kali Linux

Kali Linux 2020.2 - Plasma Light

Are you already a Linux pro? Then surely the two previous alternatives will fall short. In that case, we recommend you go for Kali Linux . This distribution is designed, above all, to carry out computer security practices and test the security of the networks and systems connected to it. Among its main advantages we must highlight the security it offers us even when we connect to public networks, so if we always carry the computer with us, it will help us to be safe.

Kali is a system generally associated with hackers. From here we are sure that you are not going to use it to spy on classmates or try to steal the exam from the PC of the school computer. But, if you get the wrong look, you can always activate Windows mode to mimic the appearance of Microsoft’s system and not attract attention.

We can download Kali Linux from this website .


Tails - Review 8

Lastly, if you often use school computers and are concerned about your privacy, then you should always carry Tails with you. The Amnesic Incognito Live System is an operating system specially designed to run in Live Mode (that is, from RAM) or load from a USB stick. Everything we do on the computer, and every trace we leave on it, will disappear when we turn off the PC. Therefore, it is one of the best options that we can consider when using computers that are not ours.

We can download this system from the following link .