Maximum Number of Users Allowed in Skype Video Calls, Zoom and more

In recent days, interest in video calls has exploded. And is not for less. Given the situation everyone is in, video calls are the only way to spend time with our friends and loved ones without putting our health and the health of others at risk. It is also an essential tool when teleworking, to hold meetings that, in person, without impossibilities.

There are a large number of programs for making video calls . Some of them especially focused on the personal and family environment, others for professional environments, and others hybrids that can be used free of charge for both personal use and work.

skype video calls

However, not all programs of this type are the same. And it is that, in addition to the quality of the image, another of the most important aspects of the programs to make video calls is the capacity of its rooms, the number of users that may have connected at the same time participating in the video call.

Skype allows larger video call groups

One of the star programs for making these types of calls is Skype . This software, owned by Microsoft, is one of the most popular messaging platforms, especially in the professional field.

Skype has two different modalities depending on what it will be used for. The first of these is the free version, available to all users. This allows a total of 50 users to be accommodated within the same video call group. All users can participate at the same time and with hardly any cuts.

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Also, for larger business environments, we can find Skype for Business. This edition focused on companies provides users with more features and functions, among which we must highlight a greater number of simultaneous participants: up to 250 people at a time in a single room.

Zoom: the fashionable messaging platform

Zoom is another of the platforms for video conferencing that is attracting the most interest among users. This platform allows creating conference rooms capable of hosting groups of up to 100 people .

In addition, it offers the possibility of paying to increase the number of users who can participate at the same time, being able to reach up to 10,000 active members connected in the same workspace and the possibility of displaying up to 59 HD videos at the same time on the screen.

Google Hangouts – perfect for small group video calls

Google Hangouts is one of many attempts by Google to enter the instant messaging market. This platform is completely free and allows you to create video chat rooms with up to 100 participants at the same time.

Videollamadas Google Hangout

The problem with the Google tool is that its performance leaves a lot to be desired. With few users, things work more or less well, but as the number of participants increases, performance plummets. Not recommended at all compared to the performance and quality offered by other alternatives, such as Skype.

Also, if we use Hangouts for Education, the number of members increases to 250 students .

Slack, the quintessential job chat tool

Slack is one of the most widely used corporate chat platforms worldwide. Obviously, in addition to having its chat and its administrative functions, this platform allows you to create chat rooms for up to 15 people .

One of the features of Slack video calls is that everyone in the room can share their screens during the video call. In addition, Slack has no distinct voice and video capabilities, but a call can be voice and, with a click, become a video conference.

Whereby, the fastest alternative for video conferencing

Although less well known, another simple platform for making video calls is Whereby. This platform allows us to create chat spaces very easily in which up to a maximum of 4 users can participate, at least in the free version.

If we opt for any of the paid editions, in addition to having greater control over the user spaces, we will also be able to gather more people. We can find an intermediate modality that allows up to 12 people at a time , and a more expensive one that allows up to 50 people at the same time (although only 12 will be able to transmit video).

Nextcloud Talk, the private cloud for making video calls

Why always depend on third-party applications? If we have a server at home we can mount our own cloud with Nextcloud. One of the programs included in this private cloud is Talk, a private chat platform.

Being an OpenSource platform, totally free and hosted by us, there is no limit on the number of participants that can participate in the groups. Of course, it must be taken into account that the server where we are running everything must be able to support the load, and our connection must also be able to communicate without delay with all the participants.

Discord, the king of gaming and video streaming

Finally, another very popular platform that also allows us to create video chat rooms is Discord.

This platform will allow us to create private rooms for up to 10 simultaneous participants . This platform, in addition to allowing us to see each other live with others, also allows us to share the screen.