Malicious Email Can Ruin Any Business

There is no doubt that email is a fundamental service in the daily life of many users. It is something that is also present when we talk about companies and organizations, logically. A method to communicate that it is really widespread. Now, it must be borne in mind that we are also dealing with a tool widely used by hackers to carry out their attacks. Therefore, we must take precautions when using this type of services. A simple email can ruin a business .

A malicious email puts any company in check

As we say, a simple malicious email can greatly affect any company. It could jeopardize the proper functioning of it, the privacy of all the users that compose it and, ultimately, create problems that are sometimes irreparable.

Malicious Email Can Ruin Any Business

This time we echo an e-mail received by a food company. It is simply an example that we can extrapolate to anyone. They received that email, which was actually a ransomware attack that destroyed the entire network and left the systems unusable.

The hackers relied on security vulnerabilities that were present. It is very common and usually happens in this type of attack. Basically what they do is exploit known bugs in order to achieve their goals.

This time they carried out a Phishing attack to make the victim bite on the hook. From there, they exploited a series of vulnerabilities to use ransomware against the company. Typically the most exploited vulnerabilities are weak passwords, old hardware, and outdated systems.

Security investigators indicate that this company would not have been a victim of this threat if it had had everything in order. That is, if they had the computers and systems correctly updated, with all the vulnerabilities patched, this ransomware attack would not have taken place.

But they put many more examples. A simple email impersonating an invoice may actually be the perfect hook for the victim to download malicious software. They can install a back door that exposes all systems, and so hackers can seriously harm the network and all connected equipment.

A ransomware attack can leave a company, regardless of its size, totally disabled for days. This undoubtedly represents an economic loss more than significant.

Un email malicioso puede arruinar empresas

Avoid being victims of attacks on companies

Luckily we can take into account certain recommendations to avoid being victims. There are not many differences between private users and companies in this regard. Basically what matters most here is common sense . We have seen that with a simple e-mail they can ruin a business leaving it paralyzed for days. However most of the times they will need user interaction, such as downloading a malicious file or clicking on an insecure link.

Security software will also be vital. A good antivirus means that we can cope with the entry of different varieties of malware. It is not something that by itself is going to protect us totally, but it does help us.

Of course we must also take into account the importance of having updated systems . Having all the available security patches is something very important that will prevent known bugs from exploiting. We leave you tips for using secure mail.