They Manage to Make Hydrogen Fuel Using Water and Aluminum

Make Hydrogen Fuel Using Water and Aluminum

More and more countries are turning to renewable forms of energy that reduce pollution and favor the environment , moving away from fossil fuels. However, there are some limitations with these sustainable forms of energy. For example, today it is impossible to make an electric plane travel many miles of distance. This has led to the use of other alternative fuel sources such as hydrogen. In fact, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has found a formula for creating hydrogen fuel from the use of water and aluminum.

Hydrogen is an energy source capable of replacing conventional gasoline-powered engines. In addition, it can also help the generation of electricity and its storage in the long term.

It favors the environment

The problem it has is that to use it extensively, it must be transported from the place where it was made to the place where it is going to be used, and this causes said transport to use gasoline.

One of the keys to using hydrogen is to release harmful gases into the environment.

This new method of generating hydrogen consists of reacting aluminum with water . When this happens, a reaction is created that creates aluminum hydroxide while releasing hydrogen.

There are two reasons why this is not done today: aluminum reacts on contact with oxygen in the air creating aluminum oxide, which makes the compound unable to react on contact with water.

Therefore, in order for the hydrogen to be released, the aluminum oxide layer must be disposed of first and the aluminum brought into contact with the water, preventing said aluminum oxide layer from forming.

A very useful technique for the future

To prevent the creation of this layer, a paint made of gallium and indium was used that allows the release of hydrogen. In fact, this paint mixture does not react when in contact with aluminum and can be recovered at the end of the whole process to reuse it.

There is also the possibility of using pure aluminum to create the reaction, but it is a method that consumes much more energy and that does not benefit the environment. Since there is a lot of waste made from aluminum , the researchers want to harness it to create hydrogen using this garbage.

In addition, the aluminum in these products is mixed with other elements that give it greater resistance.

In this way, aluminum can be used as a source to create hydrogen that can be stored and transported without any problem.