Main programming languages in Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a board with the basic components that allows us to build different types of computers, robot tools … with the help of kits or other elements. It is also an ideal tool to learn programming basics and these are some of the main languages you can use if you get a Raspberry Pi.

One of the first steps to start programming and creating cool projects with the Raspberry Pi is to install an operating system. The initial setup is pretty straightforward. There are different operating systems supported by Raspberry Pi, depending on the use you want to give it, it will be convenient for you to choose one or the other. Among the best known: Raspbian, OSMC or RISC. Once we have the operating system installed we can start programming with our Raspberry Pi.

Main programming languages in Raspberry Pi

Programming languages

Some programming languages are more suitable if you are taking your first steps with Raspberry Pi and others are suitable for people who already have a career in the maker world and know what they are up to. Anyway, these are some of the main programming languages that you can learn to use with the Raspberry Pi.


It began as a language that allowed to optimize and automate user events through the browser by modifying HTML elements. Currently JavaScript has evolved and is available in mobile applications and even server programming. As with other programming languages, it needs another program to be executed, that is, it needs to be interpreted. In the case of Raspberry Pi, the interpreter is Node.js. The fact that it is open source has made it possible for us to install it on Raspberry Pi.

Lenguaje de programación Javascript


One of the most popular programming languages in the open source world. The interpreter is available on all popular Linux distributions. For example, if you decide to install Raspbian on your Raspberry Pi, you will find an application called Tohnny, a developed and integrated Python environment for beginners.

Lenguaje de programación Python


An advanced programming language and ideal to start learning, since there are a large number of online resources in several languages. Java remains deeply entrenched in business and is still used in universities around the world. Although some programming experts are against recommending it to beginners, it is advisable to make the effort because it is still a popular language and because it is not difficult to find information, books and courses to learn it.


An extremely friendly programming language ideal for people who are looking to get started in the world of programming. With Scratch you can learn to control motors, cameras, touch sensors and much more through GPIO. In addition, it also allows you to program interactive stories, games and animations. Very focused on young people between 8 and 16 years old who want to learn to think creatively. In addition, all creations can be shared with other makers in the online community.

Lenguaje de programación Scratch