Main malware threats running in Sandbox

hackersWhen we surf the web we can run into many varieties of malware that put our security and privacy at risk. Hackers are constantly looking for ways to improve their techniques to skip the security measures we can implement. Today we echo a report that shows the main malware threats executed in Sandbox in this 2019. We will show the most dangerous and present.

Most used malware in Sandbox

This report has been made by Any.Run . It is a platform that allows interaction with malware that runs in the Sandbox. The objective is to carry out analyzes, tests, without compromising our systems. It has shown a list with 10 varieties of malware that have been more present.

If we talk about the type of malware more present and that tops the list, we must mention Emotet . It is not a new threat, as we know. In fact it has been present since 2014. However, it is still one of the most widely used malware and, as we can see, it is executed in Sandbox. It began as a banking Trojan, but over time it has been changing and has different types of attacks.

The second on the list is the Tesla Agent malware. It is a malicious software capable of stealing information from users. Especially it became popular after working through email. Its purpose is to collect all the keys that users press and also create screenshots.


The podium is closed by NanoCore malware. It is a remote access Trojan that cybercriminals have been using since 2013. It is also capable of registering keys, spying on users, executing files, capturing video or audio, as well as controlling the mouse. Although its initial creator was arrested more than two years ago, still unscrambled versions that put users at risk.

Another threat also very present in Sandbox according to the report of Any.Run is LokiBot . This is another keylogger capable of stealing information from users. With the passage of time it has been perfected to avoid being detected. He is also currently able to steal data from up to 25 different browsers, search for email credentials and transfer files.

The fifth most present threat is Ursnif . We are facing a bank trojan more that includes some variants capable of using backdoors, spyware or file injection.

In addition to these five malware more present must also appoint formbook, HawkEye, AZORult, TrickBot and njRAT. These are the 10 most present malware in Sandbox according to the report made by Any.Run.

As we always say, the best way to protect ourselves from malware is to always have security tools. A good antivirus can detect threats, eliminate possible malicious files that we have in the system and, in short, protect our security and privacy. But it is also essential to have the equipment correctly updated. Sometimes vulnerabilities arise that are exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks. Always have the latest patches installed.